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5th July 2024

Best UK summer road trip destinations

Forget Route 66 and other far flung driving destinations, some of the best places to hit the road can be found much closer to home.  Norfolk […]
6th June 2024

Iconic cars from TV and film

There have been many iconic and well-loved cars in film and television over the years, but we’ve listed our top 8 favourites featured on the big […]
30th May 2024

UK has the most expensive diesel in Europe

A new report from the RAC reveals that the UK has the most expensive diesel in Europe, despite the fuel duty discount introduced in March 2022.   […]
28th May 2024

Drivers could be faced with an insurance price hike for ignoring this one rule

Motorists could see their insurance go up by £369 if they don’t follow this simple rule.  Dangerous and expensive  It is illegal to use, or hold, […]
24th May 2024

Analysis uncovers how potholes are handled by councils

In partnership with Channel 4’s Dispatches (Thursday, 23 May 2024)  the RAC has carried out analysis on how councils approach the repair of potholes in their […]
23rd May 2024

Late May bank holiday will see the busiest roads since COVID

Approximately 20 million journeys are expected to be made this bank holiday weekend, with traffic almost returning to 2019’s pre-pandemic high of 22 million journeys. 4 […]
16th May 2024

Older drivers at risk of having their licences ‘immediately revoked’ if they don’t follow this simple rule

Older drivers are at risk of having their driving licence immediately revoked for not following a simple rule.   Older drivers could be considered ‘hazard to the […]
9th May 2024

Drivers only just realising you can legally ignore this motorway speed limit sign

According to the Express, motorists are suddenly realising that there’s one kind of speed limit sign you can ignore.  Amber speed signs  The speed limit on […]
2nd May 2024

Can you answer these five basic theory questions?

Over half of drivers haven’t read the Highway Code since passing their driving test, despite several recent updates being added to the rule book. 88% of […]
1st May 2024

8 things to keep in your car

If you spend a lot of time in your car, it’s probably best to have your essentials with you just in case you need them. Here […]
30th April 2024

16 million drivers set to hit the road this bank holiday weekend

More than 16 million car journeys will be made over the course of the early May bank holiday, research from the RAC and transport analytics specialists, […]
25th April 2024

How safe are smart motorways?

Crucial equipment on smart motorways, including CCTV cameras and signals, has been found to have lost power multiple times recently, leaving drivers at risk.   Loss of […]
9th April 2024

Drivers urged to ‘Think Bikes’ with stickers on mirrors

The latest Department for Transport figures show that 91 cyclists and 350 motorcyclists were killed on Britain’s Roads in 2022.   Now, on the 10th anniversary of […]
4th April 2024

Despite being hands-free, phones still cause distractions while driving

Do you use hands-free technology while driving?  While just over half of drivers say they don’t use their phones at all while behind the wheel, the […]
3rd April 2024

DIY tips for looking after your car

Knowing how to look after your car can save you time and money. Here’s some of our tips to help you avoid unnecessary trips to a […]
2nd April 2024

More than 70% of MOT testers could be banned

A swathe of mechanics across Britain could be prevented from carrying out MOT tests simply for not completing annual tests.  Are MOT testers leaving assessments too […]
28th March 2024

UK car production on the rise again

UK car production has increased for six consecutive months thanks, in part, to the gradual transition to electrified vehicles.  How many cars are being built?  The […]
26th March 2024

More than 14m car trips planned this weekend

If you’re planning on going away for Easter this weekend, make sure you know the best times to hit the road.  Good Friday to see 2.6m […]
21st March 2024

The 8 most misunderstood road signs

Understanding road signs is a vital part of keeping safe on the road. Thats why it’s important to get to know some of the more uncommon […]
20th March 2024

How to claim compensation for pothole damage to your car

Potholes have become one of the biggest problems on Britain’s roads. If your vehicle has been damaged by potholes, here’s how to claim compensation for the […]