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5th July 2022

New car sales at lowest level since June 1996

Been waiting to get your hands on a new car? Well you might have to wait a little while longer. According to the Society of Motor […]
1st July 2022

Five futuristic cars that will wow you

Will flying vehicles exist in the future? Will all cars self-drive? 10 years ago many of us probably thought flying cars would exist by now, but […]
30th June 2022

What you need to know about parking on pavements

Be honest – how many times have you had to park on the pavement or mount your car on a kerb? On small or busy streets, […]
28th June 2022

45% of Brits cutting back on car journeys

How is the rising cost of living impacting your life? High electricity bills and increasing fuel costs are forcing many households in the UK to make […]
23rd June 2022

What does the colour of your car say about you?

Do you like being the centre of attention or are you someone who prefers not to be seen? No need to answer the question – the […]
16th June 2022

Only 5% of drivers know this common street sign

So, what does an ‘access only’ road sign look like? Give yourself a pat on the back if you know the answer, because police have discovered […]
14th June 2022

Changes to practical driving tests are on the way

Keen to pass your driving test and hit the road? The impact of the pandemic has left many drivers waiting for a test date, but this […]
9th June 2022

Brits are buying cheaper car models to get better value for money

Who doesn’t love getting good value for money? In today’s day and age, the rising cost of living means many of us are having to spend […]
7th June 2022

Car tyres ‘produce more pollution than exhausts’

We all know car exhausts create pollution, but did you know that your car tyres are also harming the environment? According to a recent test, almost […]
6th June 2022

5 steps to cutting your fuels costs

Has the rising cost of fuel got your purse strings in a tangle? The price of petrol and diesel is hitting new highs every week. And […]
1st June 2022

Drivers face hefty fines for running out of fuel while driving

How many times have you risked it and driven your car on low fuel? For many of us, it’s probably quite a few and we’ve mostly […]
31st May 2022

Nearly 20 million car journeys will be made over the Platinum Jubilee weekend

Got any plans for the Platinum Jubilee weekend? According to RAC Breakdown, an estimated 19.5 million trips will be made over the long weekend, creating heavy […]
26th May 2022

Ford is named the UK’s favourite car brand

What’s your go-to car brand? Online auction specialist BPI set out to name the UK’s 10 most popular car brands. Here’s the results… The UK’s favourite […]
24th May 2022

New intelligent headlights make driving at night safer

Does driving on unlit roads at night fill you with dread? Ford’s new headlight technology could be your saviour. Using GPS tracking data to predict bends […]
20th May 2022

Four ways to drive more economically

From increased fuel prices to soaring household bills, the high cost of living is impacting many in at least one way or another. To save money, […]
19th May 2022

Seven car noises you need to listen out for

Ever heard your car making weird noises but not sure what it means? Even though you might just want to ignore the problem, it’s better for […]
13th May 2022

How well do you maintain your car? Take the quiz

Do you know how to check your tyre pressures? Or what to do if a dashboard warning light comes on? A new quiz tests whether you’re […]
10th May 2022

MOT test every two years is an ‘irresponsible’ idea

What do experts think of the government’s idea to double the MOT test interval to every two years? According to fleet manages and industry experts, it’s […]
6th May 2022

High fuel prices put a halt on staycation plans

It seems making the most of summer might be easier said than done this year. The increased cost of living combined with high fuel prices is […]
4th May 2022

Noise cameras could be coming to a street near you

Have you ever been irritated by an exhaust? Angered by the sound of an engine? Your prayers may be answered by a plan, announced by the […]
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