21st June 2021
Car stopped in yellow box junction

Councils in England and Wales given new powers to fine drivers

The power to charge drivers for minor offences could soon be in the hands of your local council. The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed local […]
18th June 2021
A man yawns while driving

Millions of drivers have fallen asleep at wheel, spreading risk of ‘carnage’

We’ve probably all felt a touch sluggish while behind the wheel at some point. But have you ever closed your eyes for an uncomfortable few seconds? […]
10th June 2021
A stressed driver

Post-lockdown traffic jams causing drivers anxiety

Feeling anxious about returning to the roads after lockdown? You’re not alone. Traffic jams, congestion and incompetent drivers are among some of the biggest anxieties for […]
8th June 2021
A young driver behind the wheel of her car

Most young motorists unaware of driving dangers despite higher fatality risk

Did you know road collisions are the leading cause of death among teenagers? But alarmingly, it seems young motorists may be oblivious to just how dangerous […]
5th June 2021
A driver holds a fuel pump at a service station

Highest petrol prices in two years give drivers ‘post-lockdown shock’

It appears that easing restrictions may be coming at a cost. Drivers jumping back in their cars this week have been stung by a record-breaking rise […]
3rd June 2021
Clean Air Zone sign in Birmingham

1 in 5 motorists confused about Clean Air Zones

Clean Air Zones (CAZ) are being steadily rolled out across the UK, but are you prepared? A survey of more than 2,000 drivers suggests around a […]
1st June 2021
Motorway service sign

The best service stations in the UK and places to see nearby

Do you love a quick coffee stop on the motorway? A recent survey by Which? has revealed the best service stations up and down the country, […]
30th May 2021
Mobile phone with map GPS navigation in car

Google Maps update could ‘reduce road collisions’

Most of us would be (quite literally) lost nowadays without a map on our smartphone. But could the handy tools also help us stay safe on […]
28th May 2021
Traffic flows freely on the M25

Drivers set for 98% roadwork-free journeys this bank holiday

With some finally-improved weather expected over the upcoming bank holiday weekend, many of us are looking forward to a break. And with almost 11 million leisure […]
20th May 2021
A dog left alone in car

‘Excuse me, you’ve forgotten your dog!’ Weird items left in part-ex cars

We’ve all been guilty of stashing away clutter in our car boots, but surely we’d be sure to have a proper clear out before part-exchanging? Well, […]
13th May 2021
A speed camera

Drivers want more cameras but admit to speeding

What’s your opinion on speed cameras? Well, love them or loathe them, it seems most drivers would be up for seeing more of them, as long […]
11th May 2021
A young cheerful woman with hat sitting in car, listening to music and dancing

Drivers listening to R&B have the worse reaction times

What type of music do you like listening to when you’re behind the wheel? A new study suggests drivers who listen to R&B in the car […]
9th May 2021
Assembly line production of new cars

Semiconductor shortage poses threat to UK car manufacturers’ recovery

The UK car manufacturing industry is back in business. But while rates of vehicle production are enjoying a steady rise as restrictions ease, a motoring body […]
7th May 2021
Large pothole in road

Drivers shouldn’t pay the price for pothole-related collisions, says lawyer

If a pothole in the road causes a driver to swerve, ending in collision – who’s really to blame? A top motoring lawyer is calling for […]
6th May 2021
A teenage boy learning how to drive

How to supervise a learner driver

Would you feel comfortable giving a family member or friend some driving practice as they prepare for their test? Tests and lessons have now restarted in […]
29th April 2021
A row of cars sit in a traffic jam

Motorists urged to plan ahead for bank holiday weekend rush

The bank holiday weekend is fast approaching and it seems plenty of us are looking forward to hitting the road. Whether you’re planning a day trip […]
27th April 2021
Mechanic in a garage checking a car

Drivers urged to check they have valid MOT

Did you take advantage of the handy six-month MOT exemption period granted at the start of the pandemic? Now a new report suggests the grace period […]
24th April 2021
Cycling on a bicycle lane in the city

UK drivers think cyclists need new laws

Do you think cyclists should face the same laws as motorists? Demand for new legislation A new survey of 2,000 people by InsureTheGap revealed that 84% […]
22nd April 2021
Close-up of male driver’s hand checking the air conditioning in a car.

Hot weather can increase the risk of dangerous driving experts warn

Do you like driving with your windows down, or prefer having the air conditioning on when the weather gets hot? According to the experts at Moneyshake, […]
17th April 2021
A male driver looks at a parking ticket.

New parking payment system could put an end to fines

Fed up with rushing back to your car to avoid getting a ticket? Well a new parking tech innovation set to launch in the UK could […]