Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Were you booked on a speed awareness course prior to lockdown? Drivers can now Zoom their way back to the road as courses go online.

Drivers booked on speed awareness courses will now be able to take them via a popular video chat app during the coronavirus lockdown.

All class-based driving courses have been suspended until June.

Remote options

Speeding awareness courses are offered to drivers by UK police forces as an alternative to prosecution, fines and as a way of drivers avoiding points on their licence.

Amid the Coronavirus lockdown, all class-based courses were put on hold to comply with social distancing measures, however, drivers will now be able to take their pre-booked classroom courses online.

Classes will take place via a secure video link using the ironically named online chat app, Zoom.

TTC’s Jim Kirkwood said: “We’ve always taken great pride in delivering excellent face-to-face driver training that changes the attitude and behaviour of drivers for the better.

“The business environment has changed out of all recognition and we needed to react quickly.”

Drivers who choose not to participate in the online course will be contacted directly about the next available steps.

Essential journeys

Leaving the house during the Coronavirus lockdown is only permitted for essential journeys – this includes using a car.

The government states that you may only get behind the wheel for the following essential reasons:

  1. For medical reasons, to offer care or help to a vulnerable person
  2. To travel to and from work, but only if it’s not possible to work from home
  3. To shop for essential items, such as food as infrequently as possible

All UK speed limits remain in place in spite of quieter roads. Drivers have been warned that they’ll be prosecuted accordingly if they’re caught breaking the law.

Need to brush up on your driving laws? Here’s our ultimate guide to current speeding laws.

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