February 2020

28th February 2020

Your 2020 guide to car number plates

It’s that time of the year again! New number plates were launched in the UK on 1st March, meaning some of you will soon be driving […]
27th February 2020

How to stay safe driving in snow and ice

While the wintry weather makes everywhere look like a Christmas card (at least until it turns to slush), the treacherous conditions make it difficult to drive […]
22nd February 2020

Car buyers shy away from rude ‘69’ number plates

Would an unsavoury number plate stop you buying a car? This suggestive plate series is causing thousands of potential buyers to keep their wallets closed.  According […]
20th February 2020

Fuel pumps are a hotbed for diseases

Motoring experts have warned that fuel pumps could pose a high risk for harvesting coronavirus. According to studies, coronavirus can survive on surfaces for between four […]
17th February 2020

Three out of four motorists risk lives driving through floods

Would you risk driving through flood water to avoid re-routing? Nearly three quarters (74%) of UK motorists say they would. However, experts warn that just one […]
14th February 2020

Drivers who splash pedestrians could face £5,000 fines

Driving through deep water isn’t always avoidable, but soaking passing pedestrians could cost motorists more than just an angry look. In the wake of this week’s […]
12th February 2020

Wheel you be my Valentine? One in twenty drivers would choose their car over their partner

Are you having a love affair with your motor? It’s more common than you’d think. A recent survey has shockingly revealed that one in 20 drivers […]
10th February 2020

Driver slapped with ‘ridiculous’ £100 fine after pulling over to sneeze

You’re having a fit of the sneezes behind the wheel, so you pull over. Sounds sensible, right? Well, this driver got fined for doing just that… […]
7th February 2020

Car buying guide: automatic vs. manual

You’ve chosen your colour and your add-ons. But what about the gearbox? Choosing between a manual and an automatic car is a very personal decision. Which […]
6th February 2020

Losing job ‘no excuse’ for swerving driving ban

Drivers will have to come up with something a little more compelling than losing their livelihood if they hope to escape future driving bans… Motorists who […]
6th February 2020

Post-Brexit driving changes to look out for

So, Brexit’s done (for now) and we’re finally getting a clearer picture of the how the change will impact upon motoring laws and our ability to […]
5th February 2020

Driving laws you could be breaking every day

We all know not to speed, to always wear our seat belts and never use our mobiles. But there are some lesser-known driving laws that you […]
3rd February 2020

Britain’s most distracting landmarks revealed

Do you wave to the Royals when driving past Buckingham Palace? Or pause to wonder at Stonehenge when passing through Wiltshire? Accident data has revealed the […]