Revealed: Britain’s best and worst drivers of 2019

We can now reveal which professions are the best and worst drivers for 2019

Are you one of the best drivers in Britain? We recently completed a study of 2.4 million motorists to identify Britain’s best and worst drivers according to their profession – just one of the many risk factors that can affect your insurance.

The results come from our annual report and, which ranks the most accident-prone drivers according to their profession.

Top 10 best drivers

  1. Farmers (+5)
  2. Salesperson (new entry)
  3. Light Goods Driver (new entry)
  4. Driving Instructor (-1)
  5. Mechanic (new entry)
  6. Fruit and Veg Picker (new entry)
  7. Full-time Parent (new entry)
  8. Factory Worker (+1)
  9. Painter (-8)
  10. Student (-6)

It turns out that Old Macdonald has taken a jump from fifth place to take the top spot, with farmers being named the safest drivers in the Britain, along with salespeople and light goods drivers, according to our research – in news that’s sure to delight the BBC’s Countryfile team.

Last year’s best drivers, painters, clearly had plenty of brushes with misfortune in 2019, falling several spots to ninth position in this year’s list of best drivers.

Top 10 worst drivers

  1. Nursing Manager (new entry)
  2. Insurance representative (new entry)
  3. Takeaway Delivery Driver (new entry)
  4. Mortgage Broker (new entry)
  5. Police Community Support Officer (new entry)
  6. Copywriter (new entry)
  7. Headteacher (new entry)
  8. Dog Walker (new entry)
  9. Dental Surgeon (-5)
  10. Psychologist (new entry)

It wasn’t such good news for nursing managers, though, who topped the list of the worst drivers on Britain’s roads.

Fast food delivery drivers also entered the list for the first time – proving that while they might promise to deliver your curry on time, they may be reckless en route.

And while dental surgeons and psychologists are a safe pair of hands with our health, behind the wheel it’s a whole different story, with both professions ranked within the top 10 list of worst drivers.

2018’s worst driving profession, financial analysts, can breathe a sigh of relief that they’re not on the naughty list this year, but it’s bad news for the finance sector in general, with insurance representatives and mortgage brokers among the top five worst professions for driving.

Commenting on this year’s findings, Ben Tomasetti, Chief Commercial Officer at 1ST CENTRAL, said: “Whatever your profession it’s important to have the right protection in place so that you can get from A to B safely and with peace of mind. 1ST CENTRAL provides motorists with simple and considered advice to ensure that everyone has the right cover for themselves, as well as their family and friends.”

Well, there you have it, your definitive list of Britain’s best and worst drivers, if you’re profession features on the worst list, or just fancy buying a new car with a decent safety rating, why not take a look at the top 10 safest cars of 2019?

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