Over two-thirds of drivers don’t understand their in-car tech

Close up of control buttons on a steering wheel.

A wide range of in-car technology can be controlled through the steering wheel.

Do you make the most of the features in your car? Or do you find yourself confused by the lights and symbols on your dashboard? If so, you’re not alone. 

A surprising 68% of drivers feel overwhelmed by the tech in their vehicle and are missing out on smart features like cruise control, remote engine starting and lane assistance. 

How well do you know your car? 

Research from Hyundai found that over two-thirds of drivers don’t understand everything their car can do and many admit to not feeling confident when using in-car technology. 

Despite 73% of drivers describing themselves as ‘tech-savvy’, over a third (40%) of those polled admit they don’t use their car to its full potential. 

Reasons for not using in-car tech included ‘complete ignorance’ for 55% of drivers and a ‘lack of confidence’ for 31%. The research also showed that drivers were much more likely to use their car tech if it’s integrated into their driving routine and not operated manually. 

A recent and separate survey from OnePoll revealed that 65% of British drivers don’t use voice activation, 57% don’t use heated seats and 44% haven’t used remote engine starting. 

Surprisingly more than half of motorists (55%) admitted to discovering technology in their car six months after purchase. 

Embracing in-car tech in the future 

Cognitive psychologist Dr Martha Newson, who worked with Hyundai on the research, said: “With any car purchase being one of life’s bigger spends, drivers should take more time understanding the tech available at their fingertips, so they don’t miss out on safer, more comfortable and more pleasurable experiences, every time they get in the car.  

“We’ve proven that over half of drivers are missing out on this experience and that’s why we wanted to bring this issue to light.” 

Interestingly, Hyundai’s study found that 30% of drivers feel safer and 29% feel more relaxed when using the technology in their car to its full advantage. 

It’s no surprise that when asked what kind of tech they would like to see in the future, 48% of drivers said they wanted tech that helped with comfort, and 40% said safety.  

A further 33% of motorists said they would like to see more entertainment technology, while 31% and 23% hope to see navigation and self-driving technology made more widely available, respectively. 

Let’s hope we all get better at using it. 

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