Revealed: Britain’s best and worst drivers

Want to find out which professions are Britain's best and worst drivers? We've got you covered

Who are the best drivers in Britain? The age-old debate can now be settled after a study of over 2.6 million motorists has exposed the safest and most risky drivers on the road.

The results come from our annual report, which ranks the most accident-prone drivers according to their profession, just one of the many risk factors which can affect your insurance.

Britain’s worst drivers

  1. Financial Analyst (new entry)
  2. Doctor (-)
  3. Financial Advisor (- 2)
  4. Dentist (-)
  5. Pharmacist (-2)
  6. Estate Agent (new entry)
  7. Chartered Accountant (-1)
  8. Lawyer (new entry)
  9. Scientist (new entry)
  10. Computer Engineer (new entry)

The data shows that for the first time, Financial Analysts top the list of the worst drivers on Britain’s roads. Estate Agents also enter the list for the first time, proving that they may be trusted with your house keys but less so with their car keys.

Meanwhile, Doctors, Dentists and Pharmacists may be experts with our health, but behind the wheel it’s a whole different story, as they continue to sit among some of Britain’s worst drivers.

Britain’s best drivers

  1. Painter (-)
  2. Builder (+ 1)
  3. Driver (new entry)
  4. Mature student (new entry)
  5. Butcher (new entry)
  6. Farmer (-4)
  7. Cleaner (-)
  8. Labourer (new entry)
  9. Factory worker (- 3)
  10. Chef (- 1)

On the other hand, Painters take the decorated title as Britain’s best drivers for the second year in a row, and are three times better at following the highway code than Financial Analysts.

Builders can raise the roof and celebrate as they take second place and move up the rankings from third last year. Butchers and Farmers also appear to have fewer marks on their records, as they lead the list as some of Britain’s best drivers.

Commenting on this year’s findings, Andy James, UK CEO at 1ST CENTRAL, said: “Whether you’re a Painter or a Financial Analyst, it’s important to have the right protection in place so that you can drive safely on the road.

At 1ST CENTRAL we provide consumers with a simple way to ensure that everyone has the right cover for themselves, as well as their family and friends, so that we can all get to work with peace of mind.”

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