Half of UK workers won’t return to pre-lockdown commute

Cyclist in London

Heading back to the office? Time to start planning the commute…

But according to a new survey, the coronavirus pandemic may have changed our work and travel habits for good. And apparently, this isn’t a bad thing either – with nearly three-quarters admitting we’d welcome the change in commute.

Changing the way we travel

The poll of 1,000 UK drivers found that 73% of us don’t miss our old commute, while 27% say we miss nothing about the office.

The WeBuyAnyCar.com data shows 23% plan to change the way we travel to the office – while 29% expect to work from home more often.

Richard Evans, Head of Technical Services at WeBuyAnyCar.com, said: “This year has seen all of us adapt our daily routines and for many of us, our ways of working and commuting have been hugely impacted.”

The new commute?

Ditching public transport seems to be a priority among commuters, with one in 10 saying they hope to walk to work once their office opens.

For those who live out of walking distance, 12% would now choose to drive over taking a bus or train.

However, there are those who claim they’ll miss their daily ride to work, with ‘alone time’ being voted the most popular reason leaving commuters pining for pre-lockdown days (38%).

Other reasons for missing the morning commute include listening to music (36%) and having time to think (32%).

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