Would you tell your partner if you damaged their car?

Relationship goals: never needing to lie about an accident

You’d never keep something from your partner… would you?

A new study from AlloyGator has discovered just how honest UK drivers are. Specifically, how honest drivers are if they accidentally damage their partner’s car.

From relationship goals to living a lie…
The results show that honesty levels range massively across the UK.

In London and Birmingham, 9 out of 10 drivers admit responsibility for the damage they’ve caused to their partner’s car. We asked the other 1 in 10 to comment, but they were too busy coming up with a heinous lie to cover their tracks!

While London and Birmingham top the list, and give the rest of the UK car-based relationship goals at the same time, the north-east of England finds itself at the bottom.

People living in the north-east were found to be the worst culprits, with only 1 in 3 drivers here admitting to damaging their partner’s car. This means a whopping 2 out of 3 drivers would keep their accident a secret!

The most common accidents were door scrapes, damaged bumpers, scuffed wheels and cigarette burns in the interior.

The average cost of repairing partner-caused damage totals £779.

Who’s more likely to have an accident?
The study also revealed that female drivers were more likely to cause accidental damage to their partner’s car. Around 15% of women admitted to causing damage, compared to 11% of men.

But who is more likely to be honest? 21% of women admit to thinking they could get away with not telling, with only 15% of men feeling the same.

So, congratulations to London and Birmingham – honesty is always the best policy!


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