Bad driving makes you less attractive – fact!

Forget how you look. Forget trying to be funny. It doesn’t even matter how kind you are. There’s a new golden rule of attraction.

It’s how well you drive!
An experiment conducted by IAM RoadSmart, with the help of behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings, explored how bad driving can affect our perception of attractiveness.

Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but February is still the month of love. So, take a look at the results and think about how you act behind the wheel – it may help you find that special someone.

Oh, and those things at the start do still matter…

Safe driving gets the heart racing
Here are all the stats you need to know for the next time you take your date on the road:

  • 80% of women and half of men are physically turned off by bad driving
  • 20% of women experience a key increase in their pulse rates, indicating heightened stress at bad driving
  • 46% of Brits call road rage the worst first-date faux pas possible
  • 11% are irritated by someone who takes too long to park
  • 13% are put off by overly cautious drivers

IAM RoadSmart’s studies also show that on average, it takes someone just 65 seconds to make an opinion on someone’s driving skills on a date. So, you only have a minute to make the right impression!

What to avoid in order to impress on a date
Well, a lot of things… but we’ll focus on the driving ones.

These are the top driving turn offs:

  • Illegal overtaking
  • Road rage
  • Bad parking
  • Texting while driving
  • Three-point turn
  • Taking selfies at the wheel
  • Driving the wrong way round a roundabout

To be honest, if we saw someone drive the wrong way round a roundabout, we probably wouldn’t be thinking about attractiveness. We’d be thinking about how to get out of that date ASAP.

Nineties chartster Haddaway famously asked ‘What Is Love?’, and now we finally know the answer. Love is sticking to the speed limit.

Thanks Cupid – sorry, we mean IAM RoadSmart – for the advice.

Think you’re a great driver? Have a go at our Road Rule-ette game and see how you fare?

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