September 2016

28th September 2016
Have a stress-free road trip to university by following these top tips.

Student safety guide: Have a stress-free road trip to university

Are you driving to university this September? You may be travelling into the unknown, with a new course to start and new people to meet. But […]
26th September 2016
Seat and Cosmopolitan reveal their car for designed women

SEAT’s new car for women causes outrage

A new car designed especially for women has been criticised for being “patronising”. The New Mii from SEAT and Cosmopolitan was unveiled at a special catwalk […]
23rd September 2016
How do you keep your car clean from the kids' mess? You shared some of your top tips.

Your top tips for cleaning the car

It’s been a long journey. The kids have been bickering for hours in the back and they keep asking if you’re there yet. But what do […]
21st September 2016
Penalties are set to increase if you're caught using a mobile phone while driving.

Penalties set to double for drivers who use their phones behind the wheel

The penalties for using your phone while driving could soon get a whole lot more serious as the Government tries to make the dangerous habit as […]
19th September 2016
Google Maps is set to introduce a new feature that displays the speed limit on roads when using GPS navigation

Google Maps new feature to speed up road safety

Google Maps could be about to make your car journeys safer thanks to a new navigation feature. The app is now displaying local speed limits as part of its […]
16th September 2016

Tesla updates to make self-driving feature safer

Tesla says its new software is so safe that even if a UFO were to land on the road in zero-visibility conditions, the car would hit […]
9th September 2016
British manufacturer Young Driver Motor Cars Limited has created a two-seater designed specifically for mini motorists aged between five and 10.

Mini electric car to give young drivers a taste of the road

Christmas may still be a few months away yet, but if you’re looking for something special with which to treat the mini petrolhead in your life […]
8th September 2016
A sign at the Sainsbury's branch in Edenthorpe, Doncaster, where misspelt road markings point drivers towards a small species of sea bird.

Road marking error fuels Sainsbury’s ridicule

Everyone makes mistakes right? One in particular fuelled smiles – and a lot of banter on social media. You have to feel a bit sorry for […]
7th September 2016
Harry Potter's flying Ford Anglia is in the running to be crowned the nation's favourite Ford ahead of FordFest.

Nation’s favourite Ford on film to be named

Ford cars have long been stars of screens both big and small. Whether it’s Danny’s 1948 Ford De Luxe, better known as Greased Lightning, from the […]
6th September 2016
A new app promises to help take the stress out of getting the kids to and from school.

Could new app take the stress out of the school run?

From traffic chaos to oversleeping children, there are many reasons why parents up and down the country will be dreading the return of the school run […]
5th September 2016
A survey has found many people enjoy spending time in the car with friends or family

Brits value time spent with family and friends on road trips

Squabbles, screaming and stationary traffic are all the traumas of road trips that may come to mind when you’re preparing to embark on a car journey. […]
2nd September 2016
It's easy to lose concentration behind the wheel, as the IAM has highlighted in 3 videos

Driven to distraction: Dangers of losing concentration at the wheel highlighted in videos

Screaming children asking “are we there yet”, yapping dogs and irritating ringtones – just three things that have the potential to distract you while driving. But […]