September 2022

29th September 2022

Fog lights: When to flip the switch

Did you know there are strict rules around using fog lights? You can be fined £30 at the roadside just for switching them on at the […]
27th September 2022

The pound has hit a record low and here’s what it means for drivers

The pound has fallen to a record low against the dollar, but what does this mean for drivers? Well, it means you’ll have to pay more […]
23rd September 2022

Will cars soon run on thin air?

New technology alert: Scientists at the University of Melbourne have found a way to make hydrogen from air, offering the possibility of a hydrogen fuel supply […]
20th September 2022

The hardest and most expensive places in the UK to find parking

Finding a parking space is never an easy job. It can take time for you to find a suitable spot for your car, but this doesn’t […]
15th September 2022

Stopping on the hard shoulder could land you a £2,500 fine

Ever pulled over onto the hard shoulder for a quick pitstop? Be warned – unless your reason for doing so meets Highway Code rules, you could […]
14th September 2022

Cost of living crisis could cause more road accidents

What changes have you made to your daily life because of the cost of living crisis? Many have had to change shopping habits and cut back […]
8th September 2022

Pedestrian crossings and how to use them

Research shows that 81% of drivers don’t know how to use a zebra crossing, let alone the seven different types of pedestrian crossings on UK roads […]
7th September 2022

Can you keep your car parked in one spot for a long time?

Is parking the most dreaded thing about driving for you? If yes, you aren’t alone. Many drivers don’t like having to find and park in new […]
1st September 2022

Four new driving laws coming into effect this month

September is here, and it’s brought some new driving laws along with it. From mobile phone usage to driving in low emission zones, here are four […]
1st September 2022

Become a safer driver with 1st CENTRAL Connect

Want to save on your car insurance while also improving your driving skills? We’ve got just the thing. 1ST CENTRAL Connect, our brand new telematics technology, […]