October 2021

28th October 2021

Drivers willing to use cars less to tackle climate change

How much would you be prepared to sacrifice to help fight climate change? It seems a third of British motorists are open to using their cars […]
27th October 2021

Car dependency at record high despite commuting decline

Would you find it challenging without a car? The proportion of motorists who say they’d struggle without one has soared to the highest level since 2006, […]
21st October 2021

‘Autumn rush’ expected to hit our roads this half-term

Planning to take a road trip this month? It seems you’re not alone, as the arrival of half-term this Friday (22nd October) in many parts of […]
19th October 2021

Cost is main reason youngsters are putting brakes on driving

Feel like there’s fewer young people behind the wheel these days? That’s probably because there are. The number of young people hitting the roads is declining, […]
14th October 2021

Scrappage scheme applications rejected as London’s ULEZ expansion approaches

Prepared for the Ultra-Low Emission zone (ULEZ) expansion in London later this month? Or are you one of the thousands of motorists who’ve had your application […]
12th October 2021

New motorway cameras could fine you £100 for ignoring closed lanes

Don’t ignore the red ‘X’ on smart motorways, National Highways warns in its latest crackdown. A new automatic camera charge has been announced to catch people […]
11th October 2021

Brain research to help identify drivers losing concentration at wheel

Would you appreciate a gentle nudge when you’re starting to switch off while driving? Well it could soon be a possibility, as one car firm has […]
10th October 2021

Nearly half of Brits trust their own skills over driverless cars

How do you think your driving compares to that of a self-driving car? It seems almost half of British motorists reckon they’re better behind the wheel […]
7th October 2021

Leaded petrol is gone – will coal be next?

Remember leaded petrol – the fuel responsible for contaminating air, dust, soil, water and crops for most of a century? After Algeria became the last country […]
6th October 2021

Learner drivers paying the price of ongoing test backlog

Are you still waiting for a driving test due to the ongoing backlog? It seems you’re not alone. New research reveals that some learner drivers are […]