Drivers could be faced with an insurance price hike for ignoring this one rule

A phone being charged on the centre console of a car

It is illegal to use your phone while driving

Motorists could see their insurance go up by £369 if they don’t follow this simple rule. 

Dangerous and expensive 

It is illegal to use, or hold, your phone or a similar device while driving. If you’re caught, you will receive a £200 fine and six points on your licence. You could also lose your licence if you passed your test within two years of getting the fine.  

However, you may also see the cost of your car insurance go up if you’re caught using your phone. Insurance premiums are based on risk, which is why young people and those who have just passed their test have higher insurance costs – they are considered more of a risk on the road.  

Using your phone while driving poses a safety risk, not just to yourself, but to drivers and pedestrians around you as well.  

How many people use their phone while driving? 

A GoCompare study revealed that over a quarter (27%) of drivers admit to using their phones while driving. This is equal to around 11.4 million drivers in the UK who use their phone illegally behind the wheel.  

Despite their reputation of being irresponsible drivers, under-25s are actually the group who are least likely to use their phone while they’re behind the wheel at only 14%. Over 55s are also some of the least likely, with only a fifth (20%) admitting to using their phone while driving.

Drivers aged 25-54 are the mostly likely to be using their phones while driving, with 25-39 year olds being the main culprits at 39%.  

It was also revealed that more men than women use their phones while driving. 31% of male drivers admitted to using their phone behind the wheel, compared to only 23% of women. 

The study found that the frequency at which people drive affects how likely they are to check their phones.  

According to the study, people who drive more often are more likely to check their phones. 45% of people who drive every day admitted to using their phone behind the wheel. But 28% of people who drive only once or twice a week admitted to using their phone. 

GoCompare’s car insurance expert Tom Banks says: “We can’t stress enough the importance of resisting temptation and leaving your phone untouched while behind the wheel – it simply isn’t worth the safety consequences. Then there’s the financial repercussions, too.  

“Getting caught could leave you over £500 worse off, so it’s just not worth the risk. If you really need to use your phone, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so before picking up your device.” 

If you’re not sure when you’re allowed to use your phone on the road, check out our blog on what counts as hands-free tech. 

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