UK Driving

18th September 2020
Traffic on the M6 motorway.

Motorways to trial 60mph limit in clean air bid

Take your foot off the gas, it’s time to clear the roadside air. Speed limits on four stretches of motorway will be cut to 60mph to […]
11th September 2020
A car speedometer.

61% opposed to mandatory speed limiters

Cut the speed! The latest proposed update to UK driving law will make in-built speed limiters mandatory for all new cars by 2022.  The new technology […]
8th September 2020
Cyclist in London

Half of UK workers won’t return to pre-lockdown commute

Heading back to the office? Time to start planning the commute… But according to a new survey, the coronavirus pandemic may have changed our work and […]
21st August 2020
Parked cars

Brits spend five and half million hours searching for their parked cars every year

What’s the longest you’ve spent searching for your car in the supermarket car park? New research shows many of us have forgotten where we parked our […]
14th August 2020
Children on a summer road trip

Staycationers to take 45 million day trips in August

Holiday plans scuppered by the pandemic? UK road trips look to be the next best option as Brits plan to make the most of summer. A […]
6th August 2020
A mechanic works in a garage

Millions of Brits said ‘no’ to June’s MOT holiday

Safe driving or short-term savings – which did you choose? The government’s MOT holiday gave UK drivers the chance to forfeit their vehicle tests from 30th […]
30th July 2020
Cyclists on busy London street.

Lockdown leads to friendlier roads

Could the age-long feud between drivers and cyclists finally be starting to calm? A new survey by Green Flag suggests we’re becoming more patient with those […]
28th July 2020
Driver turns volume dial on car radio

Revealed: The UK’s most popular driving songs

2020 is the year of the staycation and… soft rock, according to our Spotify playlists, at least. It appears Toto, Bon Jovi and the appropriately named […]
6th July 2020
McDonald's to install electric vehicle charging points

McDonald’s to install electric car charge points

Need to refuel? Now you can charge your electric vehicle while munching through your Big Mac at the same time… Fast food giant McDonald’s has announced […]
17th June 2020
Drive-in events to show Premier League football

Drive-in football events to show Premier League games

Miffed to be missing out on the start of the football season? Now you can catch the big games on the big screen from the comfort […]
12th June 2020
The future of driving

How will driving change once lockdown is lifted?

After lockdown, the country’s roads could look very different – but are you ready for the changes? Here are some of the ways driving could change […]
8th June 2020
drivers have lost confidence since lockdown

Lockdown drivers admit to bumpy return to the roads

Like riding a bike, they say you never really forget how to drive. But almost a fifth of drivers admit they’ve struggled to get back into […]
4th June 2020
Driving lessons to recommence

Driving test centres to reopen in July

Did your driving lessons screech to a halt over lockdown? According to the latest announcement, learners could be back on the roads by July. Driving schools […]
2nd June 2020
Could coronavirus be living in your car?

How to keep your car germ free

Now that lockdown restrictions have eased and many of us will be using our cars more to go to work, travel for exercise or visit another […]
28th May 2020
Drivers save millions on fuel during lockdown

Lockdown savings – UK drivers save £267m on fuel

Restrictions on travel during the Coronavirus pandemic have caused many drivers to abandon their daily commute, resulting in fewer trips to the pump to fill up. […]
21st May 2020
Recovery services see spike in breakdown since lockdown has eased

Spike in breakdowns as lockdown eases

Itching to get back out on the road? Don’t let a breakdown stop you in your tracks… New figures have shown a 72% rise in car […]
15th May 2020
Drivers hang up car keys

1 in 6 drivers have hung up their car keys since lockdown

Have your car keys been gathering dust during lockdown? New research reveals how the Coronavirus has changed our approach to travel. A study of more than […]
13th May 2020
Cost of refuelling hits record low

Cost of refuelling reaches record low

Looking to refuel your car for less? Now’s your chance… The cost of filling up has dropped drastically for UK motorists, as oil prices continue to […]
8th May 2020
Driving with pets

Pet passengers make driving less stressful

Like to take your canine pal along for the drive? According to new research, travelling with pets could have more benefits than just good company. In […]
2nd April 2020
M62 motorway

Extra lanes opened on M62 to help key workers

Highways England has responded to the COVID-19 crisis by opening new lanes on the busy M62 motorway. A fourth lane is now open in both directions […]