UK Driving

6th September 2019
Check out our Great British Road Trip guide on all the amazing places we've been visiting this summer

The Great British Road Trip

It’s been a great summer, granted the weather could’ve been better at times, but on the whole, it’s been one that we’ll never forget. Like many, […]
3rd September 2019
No-idling zones tackle air pollution are going to be introduced in Greater Manchester

Could ‘no idling zones’ soon tackle air pollution in Greater Manchester?

What if you could be fined for dropping your kids off outside the school gates? Well, that could soon be a reality for some Greater Manchester […]
2nd September 2019
Your guide to the best things to do in Blackpool.

Your guide to the best things to do in Blackpool

While it might not have the same charm as its southern counterparts, Blackpool is still a hugely popular seaside destination in the UK, pulling in a […]
1st September 2019
Want to know what your licence plate means? check out our ultimate guide

Your guide to car number plates

It’s that time of the year again! New number plates were launched in the UK on 1st September, meaning some of you will soon be driving off […]
28th August 2019
NHS rip off cancer patients in hospital car parks

NHS rip off cancer patients with hospital parking

Despite being exempt, cancer patients are still being forced to pay NHS parking, five years after hospitals were urged to make car parks free for frequent […]
22nd August 2019
Here's our guide to the best things to do in Bath

Your guide to the best things to do in Bath

If you’re looking for a weekend getaway that has oodles of history and charm, then the quaint city of Bath is the perfect destination for you. […]
21st August 2019
A homemade car was deemed to be too dangerous to drive. Do you agree?

‘Most unusual’ vehicle causes a stir on M25

Have you ever seen a car made of fibre glass and duct tape? Neither had the stunned traffic officer who pulled over a homemade 3-wheeler cruising […]
17th August 2019
Here's your guide to the best things to do in Newcastle

Your guide to the best things to do in Newcastle

Newcastle is the perfect northern destination for a weekend city break. It’s compact. There’s great local food, the drinking scene is unrivalled and the Geordies themselves […]
16th August 2019
Check out our top tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of insurance fraud

Top tips to avoid becoming a victim of insurance fraud

Insurance fraud has been around for a long time. We all know someone – a family member, friend or colleague – who has fallen victim to […]
13th August 2019
Did you know that we're all essentially victims of insurance fraud?

Revealed: The real victim of insurance fraud

Car insurance fraud is increasing at an alarming rate. In fact, there’s been a 45% increase in the last year according to CIFAS. Worryingly, it seems […]
12th August 2019
Want to find out more on what insurance fraud is, check out our guide

What is insurance fraud?

In 2017, over half a million insurance fraud cases were detected. These varied from making false statements on an application for cover to making a dishonest […]
12th August 2019
British drivers paid 200k an hour in traffic fines

Drivers having to pay out £200K an hour in fines

Drivers in the UK were hit with an astonishing £1.6 billion in council fines last year, with campaigners calling the penalties ‘grossly unjust’. This works out […]
11th August 2019
Here are some of the best things to do in Bristol

Your guide to the best things to do in Bristol

Who wouldn’t want to head to Bristol for a long weekend? This beautifully unique city truly encompasses everything it means to be British – from its […]
9th August 2019
Guilty driver let off after using his mobile phone in the car.

Driver let off for using phone could trigger law change

A driver found guilty of using his mobile phone to video an accident has had his conviction overturned in a controversial court case. The High Court’s […]
2nd August 2019
If you're looking for the best things to do in London, look no further.

Your guide to the best things to do in London

London – the capital of England and home to over 13 million people from across the globe. It’s no wonder that this exploding metropolis is one […]
31st July 2019
Could driverless cars make you a worse driver?

Automatic fail: Will driverless cars make us worse drivers?

The future of motoring’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Soon you could have a fully driverless car to sit back and relax in while it takes you […]
28th July 2019
If you're looking for the best things to do in Edinburgh, look no further.

A guide to the top things to do in Edinburgh

Known as one of the most picturesque cities in Great Britain – where history and architecture merge seamlessly with the modern – it’s no wonder that Edinburgh is […]
24th July 2019
If you saw a dog locked in a car on a sunny day, what would you do?

Would you walk on by?

The summer’s definitely in full swing now, and with temperatures set to soar into the late 30s it’s a great time to get behind the wheel […]
19th July 2019
Here's our guide some of the best things to do in Liverpool.

A guide to the top things to do in Liverpool

Culture, authentic and exciting; these are just three words you can use to describe a weekend away in Liverpool. Every street has something to offer, whether […]
12th July 2019
Our guide filled with all the best things to do in Manchester.

Your guide to Manchester

Whether you’re seeking culture, nightlife, history, or just good fun, there’s no question, Manchester will deliver the goods. Not only is there an abundance of things […]