UK Driving

29th April 2021
A row of cars sit in a traffic jam

Motorists urged to plan ahead for bank holiday weekend rush

The bank holiday weekend is fast approaching and it seems plenty of us are looking forward to hitting the road. Whether you’re planning a day trip […]
17th April 2021
A male driver looks at a parking ticket.

New parking payment system could put an end to fines

Fed up with rushing back to your car to avoid getting a ticket? Well a new parking tech innovation set to launch in the UK could […]
15th April 2021
1st CENTRAL car dealership

Brits ready to spend lockdown savings on new car, survey reveals

Is it about time you treated yourself to a shiny new set of wheels? With us Brits racking up a total of £18 billion in savings […]
3rd April 2021
A doctor checks a patient’s blood pressure

Medical fitness test for drivers set for shake-up

You’ve already passed your test – so how would you feel about having to undergo regular medical tests to check whether you’re still fit to get […]
1st April 2021
A dog wearing a safety harness and seat belt

How to travel with pets in the car

Are you planning a staycation this year? If you’re taking your pet with you, it’s important that you’re aware of the road safety laws in place […]
13th March 2021
A learner driving with an instructor

Driving lessons and tests on track to restart in April

If lockdown brought your driving practise to a crashing halt, we feel your frustration.  Chances have been few and far between for those who’ve had to […]
21st February 2021
Apple's new 'Do Not Disturb' function will go live this autumn

Parking and travel fares to be payable in Google Maps

Ever reached your destination to find all the parking meters are full, or you don’t have the right coins to pay? Well, now Google is taking […]
4th February 2021
A self-driving car

How automation is changing our roads

Whether you’re a fan of automation or not, there’s no escaping its ever-emerging presence on our roads… Get up to speed on the latest thinking around […]
1st February 2021
Cars on sale

Half of global consumers target car purchase this year

Could a car be your key to protection during the pandemic? A new study shows a whopping 46% of global consumers plan to keep themselves and […]
16th January 2021
Used car number plate

1ST CENTRAL guide to buying a used car

Looking for a new car without the ‘new car’ price tag? Buying second hand can be an affordable way to get your dream car, but it’s […]
7th January 2021
Driving test

Driving tests postponed for third UK lockdown

Did you have a driving test booked this month? Here’s what lockdown means for you… The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) has confirmed that all […]
14th December 2020
Traffic in London

Congestion could cost UK £15 billion a year

Have you used your car more during the pandemic? You’re not alone… Government figures show weekday car traffic has now returned to 88% of pre-coronavirus levels […]
10th December 2020
Free parking sign

Free parking for Christmas shoppers

Ready to get into the festive spirit? High streets up and down the country are preparing to welcome a flurry of Christmas shoppers with free parking […]
26th November 2020
Car park

Is your car too big to park?

One size no longer fits all. New data from CarGurus reveals parking is becoming an increasing struggle, with modern cars growing in size while parking spaces […]
18th November 2020
Paper cup in car cup holder

Where are germs hiding in your car?

Your car could be hiding up to 16 times more germs than a toilet seat… A new study reveals the most germ-ridden areas of your car, […]
16th November 2020
Man inspects car on production line in factory

The £735m Brexit bill footed by the car industry

UK motoring firms have coughed up a staggering £735 million in their bid to Brexit-proof their businesses. Latest stats from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and […]
12th November 2020
Man loading car with groceries

Drivers say car access is ‘essential’ during pandemic

Has your car been a lifeline this year? A recent poll of more than 3,000 drivers shows 68% say their car is essential to life during […]
20th October 2020
Rush hour traffic

New motorway speed limits cut harmful emissions by half

New motorway speed limits have brought a breath of fresh air to these Welsh stretches – will England enjoy similar effects? Lower speed limits on Welsh […]
15th October 2020
Car park.

Birmingham named worst city for parking

How long does it take you to find a parking space in your city centre? A new study has revealed the worst places for parking in […]
5th October 2020
Green car icon on grass

1st CENTRAL guide to green driving

Time to take your foot off the gas and think about your carbon footprint? Our 10 green driving tips will help make your driving more environmentally […]