UK Driving

17th July 2019
Could driverless cars make you a worse driver?

Automatic fail: Will driverless cars make us worse drivers?

The future of motoring’s pretty exciting, isn’t it? Soon you could have a fully driverless car to sit back and relax in while it takes you […]
12th July 2019
Our guide filled with all the best things to get up to during your visit to Manchester.

Your guide to Manchester

Whether you’re seeking culture, nightlife, history, or just good fun, there’s no question, Manchester will deliver the goods. Not only is there an abundance of things […]
8th July 2019
Check out our guide to Brighton for everything you need to know for an amazing weekend away in this great British city.

Your guide to Brighton

What can we say? For many of us here at 1ST CENTRAL, Brighton is pretty much our second home, if not, our first! Its chilled out vibes and […]
26th June 2019

Revealed: Britain’s most stolen car

If you’re looking to buy a new car, it’s worth checking whether it’s on the list of most stolen cars in Britain. Data compiled by GoCompare revealed there […]
17th June 2019
Car theft in the UK has risen 45% in the last couple of years.

UK car theft up 45% in last 5 years

After six years moving in the right direction, the latest figures on car theft across the UK make for particularly depressing reading. It seemed a corner […]
11th June 2019
Are you missing out on £1000's each year by not renting out your parking space?

Could you be making thousands from your driveway?

There’s always a new way to make a bit of money these days, whether it’s selling old clothes on eBay or letting out your spare room […]
7th June 2019
June is one of the busiest times for drink driving crackdowns

Drink driving risk set to heat up for summer

Summer’s finally here and for most drivers that means winding down the windows, turning up the tunes and driving off to the coast with friends or […]
3rd June 2019
Tesla driver caught tucking into mcflurry with no hands on the wheel

Sundae driver: ice-cream fan caught driving with no hands

  What’s your favourite thing about driving in the summer? Perhaps it’s the lighter evenings, or maybe it’s rolling down your windows and feeling that summer […]
29th May 2019
Vehicle checks reveal horrible histories of cars

Vehicle checks reveal half of used cars have horrible histories

Are you looking to buy a used car? Well, if the latest figures from RAC Vehicle History Checks are anything to go by, you could be in […]
28th May 2019
Navigating the minefield of hiring a car aborad

A handy guide to hiring a car abroad in 2019

Overseas holidays are a great opportunity to explore new lands, embrace new cultures, and hit new roads. But hiring a car in a foreign country isn’t […]
27th May 2019
Cars to be banned from driving on roads around schools

Cars to be banned from school roads

If you’ve got kids, you’ll know there are few places more hectic than the road outside the school gates at the start and end of each […]
18th May 2019
Phone detectors are set to be introduced by the police in a bid to crackdown on the number of drivers using their phone at the wheel.

Phone detectors set to be used by police

Police have revealed a new phone detector system that aims to warn drivers against using mobile phones while driving. Two forces in England are initially using […]
10th May 2019
Brits aren't keen on changing their driving behaviours to become a green driver

Drivers not keen on green

How far would you go to make your transport choices eco-friendlier? Would you buy an electric car? Take the train more? Or maybe even give up […]
3rd May 2019
Jaguar is working on a system that could help pay for your parking and road toll fees. by reporting potholes, and traffic delays.

Paid by the pothole

We all know driving’s expensive. Whether it’s road tax, parking fees or simply topping up at the petrol station, the cost of motoring can soon build […]
23rd April 2019

Where are the UK’s most frustrating places to drive?

Where’s the most frustrating places to drive that you’ve come across? The ring road at rush hour? The supermarket car park on a Saturday morning? Well, […]
17th April 2019
Politicians are most likely to break speeding laws

Revealed: Britain’s worst professions for speeding

Which profession do you think are most likely to be caught speeding? Lawyers? Bankers? Maybe footballers in their top-of-the-range sports cars? Believe it or not, the […]
17th April 2019
Car number plates will never include ‘ARS’ or ‘DAM’ according to the DVLA

Banned number plates in 2019

Hundreds of car number plates which could be considered rude or offensive never make it onto the road each year. The DVLA has confirmed that it […]
15th April 2019
After three consecuitve months of fuel price cuts, RAC data shows that petrol prices have once again soared by 2% in March 2019 alone.

Drivers hit as fuel price climbs again

Felt the pinch at the pump recently? Maybe you’ve been surprised at just how much you’ve had to fork out on the forecourt? Well you’re probably […]
8th April 2019
Did you know hitting someone else's car and driving off without leaving your details is a criminal offence?

Would you hit and run after denting someone else’s car?

Ever reversed out of a tight parking space only to feel the tell-tale crunch of your car accidentally scraping another vehicle? An accidental collision like this […]
21st March 2019
Record number os over 70's have lost their licence

Record number of over-70s lose their driving licence

The number of older drivers having their licences revoked has soared in recent years, leading to calls for a complete overhaul of regulations. According to DVLA […]