Top tips for driving in hot weather

Pack cool drinks and games for kids on summer road trips and prevent them being a distraction

However fleeting the current “heatwave” may be, it’s important to be prepared for driving in the warmer temperatures if you’re going to stay safe on the roads. Here are some helpful tips for driving in warm weather…

Inspect your tyres

With soaring temperatures, the air inside your tyres will expand. If your tyres are not in tip-top condition, this could lead to a blowout. Be sure to check the condition of your tyres – damage, wearing and pressure – especially before heading out on a long road trip or motorway journey.

Check your wipers

Warm weather brings bugs out in force and you can guarantee your windscreen will be covered in them. Make sure your wipers don’t need renewing and your washer fluid is topped up so you can wipe off any pesky bug remnants.

Top up your engine fluids

As the temperature begins to soar, so does the temperature of the fluids inside your engine. Oil and coolant are essential in cooling down your engine and keeping it running when it’s being pushed to the extreme. Check your levels before embarking on a journey, and top up when needed.

Don’t forget your shades

A pair of sunnies are an essential element of any summer driving kit, as they’ll reduce glare and make it easier to see hazards, signs and lights.

If you do opt for a fashion pair, don’t go for blue lenses as they can make amber and green lights look almost interchangeable, which may cause a problem at traffic lights.

Plan your route

A leisurely drive is lovely on a beautiful sunny day, but you won’t be the only one with that idea. Expect to hit some traffic and plan your route carefully, avoiding peak times and setting some extra time aside to stop off and let the congestion die down, especially if you have kids.

Pack your car

It’s always a good idea to pack drinks in your car – not in the boot. This will keep you refreshed and make sure you’re not too hot and drained to be concentrating on the roads.

If driving with kids you should be especially careful when out in hot weather, particularly if your car doesn’t have air conditioning. Bring a cool box with some icy treats and cold drinks, and make sure the kids are wearing loose clothing to stop them overheating.

Hot, tiresome tots can also prove a big distraction from keeping your eyes on the road. Bring some games, books or toys to keep them entertained.

Concentrating on the roads in the summer sunshine can be tricky, so be sure to eliminate any distractions to try and maintain your focus. Take a look at some of the most distracting habits and avoid putting yourself and others in unnecessary danger…

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