Revealed: The cheapest electric cars to run

More than 10,000 new all-electric or hybrid vehicles hit the road in June 2017

Fresh, pollution-free air has to be the greatest incentive to trade in your diesel guzzler for a near-silent electric motor. But which one will set you back the most to run?

New research by motor data experts cap hpi has revealed the least expensive-to-run electric cars.

The costs take into account annual servicing, charging expenses and other typical motoring outlays in deciding which electric car-model is the most cost effective.

The analysis is based on a 2015/16 car driving 20,000 miles.

And the winner is…

Coming out on top is the Citroen C Zero hatchback. You can expect to pay £18,489 over three years, or £513.58 per month.

Next in the price line-up is the Peugeot Ion, which will set you back around £512.58 per month, and in third place is the Volkswagen Up, coming in at £530 per month based on the mileage marker.

The Hyundai Ioniq comes in fourth place, with a total cost of ownership hitting £20,632 to run for three years, or £573.11 per month, while the Renault Zoe will cost you a tad more, at £578.25 per month.

The time is now

One in 12 cars in Britain will be fully electric by 2030, compared with one in 200 today, according to research by Bloomberg New Energy Finance published this July.

As consumer interest in electric cars continues to soar, there’s no better time than now to consider switching to one, whether it’s a brand spanking new or used, says Chris Plumb, Black Book Editor at cap hpi.

The auto market is seeing a surge in both all-electric cars – those with a battery-driven electric motor – and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), that use battery power backed up by a combustion engine.

In June alone there were more than 10,700 new alternatively fueled cars on the road.

“Over 60,000 new AFVs have joined Britain’s roads so far this year,” says Chris. “The overall used market for electric cars has seen gains with residual values increasing by 7% this year.”