Stay safe on the roads this “Black Saturday”

2pm on Saturday 22 July is the most dangerous time on UK roads

This Saturday is “Black Saturday”. Now, that may sound like something from Game of Thrones (it’s on our mind… can you really blame us?), but it’s a very real thing.

“Black Saturday”, or 22nd July as it’s otherwise known, is the day when drivers are most likely to have a crash on British roads. To be more precise, the dangerous date and time is 2pm on 22nd July.

This warning comes from in-vehicle CCTV firm VisionTrack, who have kindly provided the evidence to back up their claim. So, here’s why 22nd July is “Black Saturday”:

A summer holiday in traffic

More accidents happen in July and August than at other times in the year. According to data from the Department of Transport, 2,330 accidents happen in July, with August not far behind with 2,148.

A big cause for this increase in accidents is the summer rush. As the weather gets nicer and the school holidays begin, people cram onto the roads as they head off on holiday, with more drivers on the road at 2pm than at any other time.

Hot weather, busy roads and pre-holiday stress can be a bad mix, which could lead to driving slipups.

The danger of Saturdays

As well as revealing that July is the most dangerous month for driving, VisionTrack’s “Black Saturday” data also shows which day of the week is the most dangerous. No prizes for guessing at this point.

Drivers are 1.7 times more likely to have an accident on Saturday than on any weekday. And that’s the final piece to the “Black Saturday” puzzle, making this Saturday such an accident-prone day of the year.

So, if you’re heading out this weekend, whether it’s at 2pm or 2am, be extra safe.

Don’t let the heat get to you, stay vigilant of other drivers and try to cut out all that pre-holiday stress, because trust us… you’ll make that flight with plenty of time to spare.

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