Cost of refuelling reaches record low

Cost of refuelling hits record low

Looking to refuel your car for less? Now’s your chance…

The cost of filling up has dropped drastically for UK motorists, as oil prices continue to fall amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Data from RAC Fuel Watch suggests that the average price of refuelling has fallen to the lowest level since May 2016.

Fuel prices plummet

According to data, the price of a litre of petrol fell 4.15p in April, from 113.1p to 108.95p. This has resulted in the average cost of filling a 55-litre fuel tank dropping from £62.21 to £59.92.

In the cheapest supermarket forecourts, this figure dropped even further, costing drivers just £56.49 to fill their tank.

The price of oil crashed to its lowest level in 21 years last month as demand for fuel dwindled amid the Coronavirus pandemic. Fuel retailers are now being forced to slash prices, passing savings on to motorists.

The RAC has predicted scope for a further 12p reduction in the price of a litre of both petrol and diesel if lockdown measures are not lifted.

RAC spokesperson, Simon Williams, said: “The impact of the Coronavirus is being felt everywhere – from the steep falls in demand for oil right across the globe, right down to the behaviours of the UK’s millions of drivers who have seen their car use – and their need to fill up – fall away dramatically since the lockdown began.

“We expect that only an easing of lockdown restrictions by the UK government will trigger forecourts into changing their prices significantly.”

Roads in lockdown

Official figures show that road trips have fallen to around 35%-45%1 of the usual levels as lockdown measures continue across the UK. However, there are concerns that motorists are beginning to flout government measures on the approach to another bank holiday weekend2.

Highways England has reminded motorists that government guidance advises people to use their cars for essential journeys only.

This means motorists should only use their vehicle if required to buy food, for medical reasons, or to travel to and from work if they cannot work from home.

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