Top five most ridiculous driving fails

One motorist was recently spotted driving without a tyre – fail.

From hitting the road without a tyre to failing a driving test in five seconds, are these the most ridiculous driving fails of all time? We think so…

Motorist drives 16 miles – without one of her tyres

How far do you think you could drive before you noticed one of your tyres was missing? Hopefully not very far. However, one Yorkshire motorist recently made it at least 16 miles, despite travelling at speeds of up to 40mph. The tyre-less Ford Fiesta was spotted travelling down the A64 by a fellow commuter who told the press that the vehicle had several near misses.

Halfords lorry gets stuck under railway bridge

The Halfords driver who got their van stuck under a railway bridge in Beckenham isn’t the first driver to misjudge whether they can fit under a bridge or tunnel and they certainly won’t be the last. However, the fact that the lorry was emblazoned with the Halfords’ slogan “we fit anywhere” made this a particularly funny fail. London Fire Brigade managed to free the vehicle, but not before it caused major disruption to both road and railway travellers.

Learner fails driving test in five seconds

Most people who fail their driving test can pinpoint the moment they know they’ve not passed, and for one candidate earlier this year that moment happened virtually the second he started the car. Craig Barraza momentarily forgot what side of the road to drive on and took a 50/50 guess – only to exit the test centre into the right-hand lane rather than the left. Better luck next time!

Driver gets car stuck on stairs after sat nav fail

Sat nav fails have seen lorries getting stuck down narrow alleyways and cars plummeting into rivers or lakes, but one of the funniest incidents as a result of paying too much attention to the GPS has to be the moment one car got stuck up a flight of stairs. The driver had followed her sat nav’s instruction to ‘turn left at Tesco’ only to find her Corsa getting wedged halfway down some pedestrian steps. Worryingly, a witness told the Metro newspaper it wasn’t even the first time he’d seen it happen.

Driver eats lunch while using two mobile phones behind the wheel

Eating and using your phone behind the wheel are both big no-nos, but despite the dangers, drivers are regularly caught doing both. One motorist was recently reported for using not one but two phones, as well as eating his lunch, all while driving an 18-tonne lorry.