What does your car say about you?

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Find out what your car model and colour say about you

Have you ever made a snap judgement about someone based on what kind of car they drive? Or maybe you’ve stayed away from certain models because of what they might say about you.  

Obviously, there’s no definitive link between a car and the personality of its driver but here’s what we think at 1st Central. 


Known for how safe and reliable their vehicles are, Ford owners are usually just as dependable in their driving style. Models are very robust, and often they’re used as trade vehicles, so if you own one, you might be used to working with your hands 

Ford’s technology is some of the best on the market, especially in their exciting add-ons, so their owners are likely to be very interested in technological aids for driving. Their love for the latest gadgets probably extends far beyond the steering wheel. 


Audi is seen as a high-end brand. Many people in the business and financial sectors own one of the German-designed vehicles as they can afford the luxury and it reflects their professional status.  

Audi drivers are comfortable in a city or other urban environments, and the vehicles’ sleek looks are right at home amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. 


BMW drivers are often driven, both in their professional and personal lives, and their choice of car reflects that.  

The BMW slogan ‘Ultimate Driving Machine’ is embodied by their drivers as they are naturally very confident in all aspects of driving. Some may see this as being aggressive, but really, its just confidence in the car and the BMW brand.  


A popular model amongst younger generations, Fiats are small, efficient, and pleasing to look at. 

Fiat drivers are known for being on the more creative and artistic side of things, but they still desire to fit in. Being one of the most eco-friendly brands on the market, it’s clear that Fiat drivers care a lot about the environment.  


A new Mercedes is expensive, so those just starting out in their career are less likely to afford one. That leaves the cars to older generations, Gen X and Baby Boomers who are drawn to the vehicles’ classic good looks. 

Mercedes drivers are a loyal bunch, with many of them driving the same car for decades. That might have something to do with Mercedes’ build quality and reliability, a very good investment for those who can afford it.  

The colour of your car can also make a statement. Here’s what we think your car colour says about you. 


For the suave and sophisticated.  

Black is seen as a suave and powerful colour in the fashion industry, and the same can be said for cars as well. Owners of black cars might consider themselves as sophisticated, someone who prioritises looking good, no matter what clothes they’re wearing or car they’re driving. 


A light option for bright minds. 

Owners of white cars tend to be more logical and organised than drivers of other coloured cars. Drivers of white cars also tend to be very driven and constantly try to better themselves.  


A UK favourite for the past 5 years. 

People who drive grey or silver cars are very sensible, often choosing practicality over style. They’re happy to go with the flow and are generally easy going.  


For the cool, calm, and collected.  

Blue cars owners have a very calm aura and are very confident drivers. They’re normally unlikely to experience road rage and remain relaxed even in the most stressful situations on the road. 


Colourful cars for colourful characters. 

Yellow car drivers add a splash of colour to the roads. Typically optimistic, they’re normally very happy and energetic people who bring brightness to those around them – great people to be around. 


Iconic, sporty, and luxurious. 

People who drive red cars are outgoing and love to be the life of the party. They have bold and dynamic personalities, which is reflected in not only the colour of their car, but the model they drive as well. 


A rare and refined choice. 

If you own a gold car you probably can’t resist a touch of old school glamour in your life. Why try new luxurious tones when gold has always represented the best in the competition. 

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