Romance isn’t blossoming in modern cars?

Romance just wouldn’t be the same in a Kia Sorento

Taking your car to Lovers’ Lane used to be more memorable than it is in today’s modernised vehicles, according to a new survey…

A poll of more than 1,300 British motorists suggests that romance just doesn’t bloom the way it used to, and back in the days of old Minis, Austin Marinas and the Ford Cortina, kissing in your vehicle was much more unforgettable.

According to results, almost 60% of people aged 55 and over remember their first romantic encounter in a vehicle, compared with just 43% of people under the age of 34.

Fond memories in your car

The research has been carried out by online motor retail specialist, and finds in-car romantic moments are not as vividly remembered than they are in older models.

“We were surprised that the much less comfortable cars of yesteryear compared with those of today are more fondly remembered – even decades longer ago – than today’s more refined and spacious models,” says Austin Collins, Managing Director of

“Today it seems that not even climate control and much nicer upholstery than those old vinyl seats can help to arrest the decline of the car as a place to enjoy romantic moments.”

A musical connection with cars

Classic songs such as Mustang Sally, Little Red Corvette and even the Clash’s Brand New Cadillac, generate a much stronger romantic connection than a modern-day melody about a Kia Sorento or a blue Hyundai i40.

Mr Collins added: “Our findings also go along with a general diminishing in the romantic perceptions of modern cars that we see throughout popular culture and music in particular.

“Of course, it could be less to do with the cars and more to do with older people being generally more romantic. But when Meatloaf sings about ‘Paradise by the Dashboard Light’ you can bet he will never be referring to a head-up display.”

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