Easter traffic jams likely as 17 million plan getaways

Traffic on a motorway

Set off early to avoid motorway traffic

Everyone likes to go away for Easter, but do you know how busy the roads will be? Make sure you know what the traffic is going to be like over the Easter weekend.  

Where will the worst congestion be? 

RAC have warned that major roads in south-west England and some in the Home Counties are going to experience the worst congestion in the country on Good Friday (7 April). 

The busiest roads are likely to be: 

  • A303 westbound near Stonehenge in Wiltshire 
  • M5 south between Bristol and Bridgewater 
  • M25 anticlockwise between Hertfordshire and Surrey 

Traffic is likely to increase further due to the closure of London Euston railway station over the entire Easter weekend.  

An RAC survey of over 2000 people suggests that there will be 2.7 million car journeys on both Good Friday and Easter Sunday made by people going on day trips or overnight stays. Saturday and Easter Monday are expected to be slightly less busy with 2.3 million journeys being made on each day.  

RAC spokesperson Rod Dennis says: “Traffic volumes could be even higher if the sun chooses to make an appearance”.  

Good weather will dramatically increase the number of daytrippers on the road throughout the weekend, with most looking to spend a day at the beach or in the city.  

How can you avoid traffic? 

RAC have advised drivers to get on the road as early as possible over the Easter weekend or consider travelling on a different day entirely.  

Inrix transportation analyst Bob Pishue says that “knowing when and where congestion will build can help drivers avoid the stress of sitting in traffic”. So, it’s advisable to check traffic reports before you set off and plan an alternative route just in case.  

Dennis also advises drivers to give their cars “a bit of TLC before setting out”. This can include making sure your tyres are the right pressure, checking oil and coolant levels and making sure the engine is running properly. 

National Highways are temporarily removing more than 1400 miles of roadworks on England’s motorways and major A-roads from Thursday-Tuesday, meaning 98% of the road network will be free of roadworks.  

If you want to learn more about checking your car, take a look at our DIY guide. 

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