(Car) service with a smile

Hand of car mechanic with wrench. Auto repair garage.

They say only a bad craftsman blames their tools. We have to disagree. If a craftsman has a broken saw and half a screwdriver, it doesn’t really matter how good they are, the results aren’t going to be great.

The same goes for your car. You may be the safest, smartest driver in the world, but if your car isn’t maintained and safe, that counts for nothing.

That’s why it’s so important to get your car serviced regularly, and keep it well maintained.

IAM RoadSmart has come up with five reasons why it matters to keep your car in good condition…

If you don’t change your oil, or use the wrong oil when you do change it, you’ll increase the wear on your engine and damage your car. So, it’s important to change your oil at the right time and make sure you use the right stuff.

Think about anti-freeze in a two-year cycle. It needs to be checked every year, and changed every two years. If you don’t have enough anti-freeze, or if it’s past it, you may see some blown head gaskets. So be cool, check it regularly.

Timing (cam) belt
If your belt breaks, you’ll need a new engine. So as soon as you hit the mileage or age limit, change it. Even if it looks OK, and even though it can get expensive, change it. It sure beats getting a new engine!

Alternator drive belt
Another belt, another check. If the alternator drive belt is worn, or if the manufacturer recommends it, replace it. If it snaps, your car would lose power steering.

Cabin air filter
Misted up windows and hay fever – two of the worst things right? If your cabin air filter or pollen filter isn’t changed at the right time, it will fill with debris, making your windscreen more likely to mist up.

This advice comes from IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Technical Policy and Advice Tim Shallcross, who gave one final piece of advice: “Make sure the service is noted properly in the car’s record book and the garage stamps it.

“A full, documented service history makes the car much easier to sell; no history or gaps can knock hundreds if not thousands of pounds off the price you’ll get.”

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