New ideas to keep older drivers safe

A new report is calling for the Government to implement measures to make our roads safer for older motorists

Young drivers may have it tough when it comes to putting the skills they’ve learnt in driving lessons into practice on the roads.

But a new report is calling for the Government to implement a range of measures to make the country’s road network a safer place for older motorists.

It comes after figures were released showing that senior drivers are twice as likely to have a fatal crash at T-junctions as their more youthful counterparts.

In order to help tackle this problem, the report recommends replacing T-junctions with mini-roundabouts, which are thought to be easier for elderly drivers to navigate.

The pensioner-friendly idea comes from the Older Drivers Task Force – and it’s already received the backing of some pretty high-profile government figures.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones, for example, has already told the Times newspaper that he and his colleagues will “consider the recommendations carefully”.

But the report doesn’t stop with T-junctions. It goes on to recommend that greater use should be made of segregated slip roads that lead into proper lanes.

It’s thought this would allow drivers to enter the flow of traffic on busy roads without having to look over their shoulder as much as at present.

Top-up tests
To cut the risk of accidents occurring due to loss of vision, the report also suggests that elderly drivers should be given tests from the age of 60.

And increasing the size of things like white lines in the middle of the road and employing larger lettering on road markings could help to deal with similar problems.

With the number of drivers over the age of 85 set to double by 2025, ministers will undoubtedly come under greater pressure to ensure that roads stay safe for them to use.

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