April 2023

26th April 2023

Almost half of young drivers rely on parents to pay for their first car

How much did you pay for your first car? A few hundred pounds maybe? New drivers spent an average of £6,600 on their first cars in […]
25th April 2023

Yorkshire tops the list of areas with most dangerous drivers

Planning a roadtrip to Yorkshire soon? You might want to change plans, especially if you want to avoid the UK’s most dangerous drivers, who according to […]
20th April 2023

Driving trivia: 5 secrets to master the motorway

Think you’re a master of UK motoring? Put your knowledge to the test and see how many of the below road signs and street furniture you […]
19th April 2023

Over two-thirds of drivers don’t understand their in-car tech

Do you make the most of the features in your car? Or do you find yourself confused by the lights and symbols on your dashboard? If […]
13th April 2023

Is this the end of smart motorways?

Do you think smart motorways should be shelved? Cost and safety concerns could mean the controversial roadways will never be built again. The i newspaper believes […]
11th April 2023

8 travel tips for driving in windy weather

Hitting the road this week? Be vigilant of strong winds and heavy rains. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for the west coast […]
6th April 2023

Hyundai Ioniq 6 named World Car of the Year 2023

It’s good news for Hyundai…again. The Ioniq 6 has been named World Car of the Year 2023, making it the second consecutive win for Hyundai after […]
4th April 2023

Easter traffic jams likely as 17 million plan getaways

Everyone likes to go away for Easter, but do you know how busy the roads will be? Make sure you know what the traffic is going […]
3rd April 2023

7 handy car features you may not know about

Ever wondered if your car has any hidden tricks or compartments? We’ve put together a list of features your car has that you might not know […]