June 2019

28th June 2019
Top 10 dash cams on the market revealed

Top dash cams on the market

Dash cams may seem like the latest motoring fad, but in actual fact they’re becoming a must-have bit of kit when it comes to keeping you […]
26th June 2019

Revealed: Britain’s most stolen car

If you’re looking to buy a new car, it’s worth checking whether it’s on the list of most stolen cars in Britain. Data compiled by GoCompare revealed there […]
21st June 2019
Are you being driven round the bend by confusing road signs?

Campaign for safer road signs

We’ve partnered with IAM RoadSmart to help improve people’s knowledge of road signs and have found some shocking results off the back of our research. Want to find […]
19th June 2019
Hedgehog road signs are being introduced to help improve road safety on rural roads in the UK.

Road hogs! New signs to warn of hedgehog crossings

What’s your favourite road sign? Maybe you like the one warning drivers about ducks crossing the road? Or perhaps your favourite is the deer warning sign? […]
18th June 2019
UK's most confusing road signs revealed

The UK’s most confusing road signs

They’re meant to be there to help us out, but new research has revealed that road signs are causing a little bit too much confusion on […]
18th June 2019
The complete guide to driving abroad this summer

Your guide to driving abroad

Summer’s almost here which means it’s nearly summer holiday time. Each year around 70 million Brits head overseas for their holidays. And while many opt for […]
17th June 2019
Car theft in the UK has risen 45% in the last couple of years.

UK car theft up 45% in last 5 years

After six years moving in the right direction, the latest figures on car theft across the UK make for particularly depressing reading. It seemed a corner […]
17th June 2019
Confusing road signs are driving British motorists round the bend

Revealed: Over half of UK motorists are driven round the bend by confusing road signs

Are you being driven round the bend by confusing road signs? If the answer is “yes”, then you’re not alone. We’ve done a spot of research […]
14th June 2019
Don’t let summer driving myths ruin your drives

10 summer driving myths debunked

Summer’s well and truly in swing and many of us are enjoying the high temperatures by taking to the roads and heading off on a sunny […]
13th June 2019
10 Bizarre road sings from around the world

10 bizarre road signs from around the world

Sometimes it’s hard enough to figure out – or remember – what the road signs in the UK mean. But when you’re driving in a foreign […]
11th June 2019
Are you missing out on £1000's each year by not renting out your parking space?

Could you be making thousands from your driveway?

There’s always a new way to make a bit of money these days, whether it’s selling old clothes on eBay or letting out your spare room […]
10th June 2019
Driving around Europe could see you land a huge fine due to breaking the law

Holidaymakers face fierce fines for breaking Euro driving laws

So, you’ve crossed the English Channel and are driving towards your ideal summer getaway when… you get slapped with a fine for over £5,000. Sounds like […]
10th June 2019
Top tips for summer driving

Top tips to stay safe driving this summer

Okay, so summer’s officially here and if you’re anything like us you’re itching to get away for a nice weekend. Despite how much fun summer is, […]
7th June 2019
Could an increase in roadside breathalyser tests reduce fatalities?

Drink driving risk set to heat up for summer

Summer’s finally here and for most drivers that means winding down the windows, turning up the tunes and driving off to the coast with friends or […]
3rd June 2019
Tesla driver caught tucking into mcflurry with no hands on the wheel

Sundae driver: ice-cream fan caught driving with no hands

  What’s your favourite thing about driving in the summer? Perhaps it’s the lighter evenings, or maybe it’s rolling down your windows and feeling that summer […]