Your top tips for cleaning the car

How do you keep your car clean from the kids' mess? You shared some of your top tips.

It’s been a long journey. The kids have been bickering for hours in the back and they keep asking if you’re there yet.

But what do you do? Snacks will keep them quiet, but you dread clearing up the mess afterwards.

The thought of the kids’ crumbs in the back of the car is enough to put any parent off taking a family road trip.

But here at 1ST CENTRAL, we came to the rescue, teaming up with car cleaning expert Tom Puttick from All That Gleams to put together some family-friendly hacks on removing stains from some of the nastiest snacks.

And as part of our Snack Test Dummies top tips, we also asked you to share your car-cleaning hacks. Here’s our pick of some of the best ideas…

Little and often
Many of you say that you clear up after every trip to stop the rubbish piling up.

Clare said: “Don’t wait till the car is really dirty to clean it! Regular washing and waxing will help preserve the paintwork for longer.”

Use the right tools
Plastic bags and baby wipes were among the car-cleaning essential for most people out there.

Sian tweeted: “I love bicarb of soda for cleaning. Used dry it soaks up grease, absorbs smells. In a paste, it scrubs off stains. Never failed.”

Meanwhile, Mel recommends investing in a car vac. She wrote on Facebook: “It clears up spills immediately, not giving it a chance to settle into the seats.”

Prevention is key
You also suggested tips and tricks to minimise mess.

Rebecca said she uses seat coverings “to protect against mucky fingers and muddy shoes”, while Davina advises avoiding parking your car under trees as “the amount of pollen, leaves and bird poo that falls out is incredible.”

Jae Elisa on Facebook suggested putting old bathroom towels in the rear foot-well and on the seat to collect inevitable spills.

She said: “Then, when it’s time to clean up, hold by the corners to contain all the mess, ready to shake out into a waste bin.”

Many of you also suggested not letting kids eat in the car at all. While some even went a step further and ban kids in the car full stop!

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