Scarily good supercars to go on display for Halloween car show

Motors by Bentley, Ferrari, Jaguar and Bugatti set to go on show at the event

Some of the scariest supercars ever put into production are to go on show at a motoring event taking place over Halloween weekend.

The Classic & Sports Car Show will be headlined by a segment called ‘A Century of Supercars’, as part of which voters can choose the greatest high-performance vehicles from the last 100 years.

Among the collection are a number of speed demons and cars with downright beastly looks, as well as others with a strange-but-true tale behind them.

These include the Bentley 4.5-litre “Blower”, the oldest and most fearsome vehicle, set to make an appearance at the event, which runs from 28th to 30th October at Alexandra Palace in London.

Just like Dr Frankenstein himself, the makers of this monstrous 1.7-tonne machine bolted on a giant supercharger to terrify rivals at the Le Mans race in 1930.

The Bentley Blower may have been unable to take victory on the day, though much of the design was used to inspire the later Speed Six car.

Bentley’s wild creation will be joined by a real beast of motorsport history – Jaguar’s XK120, a motor with all the bite of a truly frightening predator.

In 1950 Stirling Moss made his name by using what was then the fastest production car in the world to win the longest awarded prize in motor racing, the Tourist Trophy, at Dundrod in Northern Ireland.

Just three years later, the car was used to set a new land-speed record after hitting the astonishing speed of 172.412mph.

And drivers were also left feeling more than a little spooked with the supernatural speeds reached by the Ferrari F40, capable of kicking out 478bhp with its 2.9-litre twin-turbocharged engine.

When it was launched, some critics were terrified by what it took to tame this Italian stallion – but with the passing of time the F40 has inspired a love story more entrancing than any tale of horror.

There’s nothing lovely about the creepy looks of the Bugatti Veyron, however. With its black and red colour combination, it looks like a true overlord of the road – and certainly not something you’d wish to meet on a dark and stormy night-time drive.

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