Motorists warned to keep their cars maintained during lockdown

Maintaining vehicles during lockdown

Have you left your car to sleep through lockdown? If so, it might need a little TLC before heading back out on the road…

Experts are urging motorists to keep up with essential vehicle maintenance, even while lockdown measures continue to restrict driving across the UK.  

Breakdown fears

Failing to keep vehicles in a legal, working condition could lead to a mass of breakdowns once restrictions on driving are lifted, it’s feared.

Drivers may also be subject to fines if they’re found to be operating a vehicle that’s unsafe for the road.

Driving with a vehicle in a dangerous condition is considered a significant risk to road users and can lead to fines of up to £2,500 and nine penalty points.

AA President, Edmund King, highlighted the car parts most susceptible to damage if not regularly used.

He said: “We stress the need to ensure cars are in a roadworthy state, particularly advising drivers to check tyre pressures, batteries and brakes before venturing out.”

Keeping your car roadworthy

Car experts from Moneybarn and Greenflag have revealed the best ways to keep your car roadworthy during lockdown.

  • Tyre pressure

Driving with low tyre pressure cause tyres to wear out quicker and increase the risk of tread separation and blowout.

It’s recommended that motorists roll their cars backwards and forwards a couple of times a week to prevent tyres from developing flat spots.

  • Batteries

Car batteries can seize if they’re not charged regularly, requiring drivers to jump-start their engines to get their vehicle moving.

Motorists are urged to take their car on a short drive at least once a week in order to keep the battery charged.  

  • Brakes

Brake pads can erode if they’re left unused for long periods, making the brakes unsafe to use.

Moving your car backwards and forwards can help prevent corrosion building up between the brake pads, keeping them from wearing beyond repair. 

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