Spike in breakdowns as lockdown eases

Recovery services see spike in breakdown since lockdown has eased

Itching to get back out on the road? Don’t let a breakdown stop you in your tracks…

New figures have shown a 72% rise in car breakdowns since the government eased lockdown restrictions in England.

The spike in breakdowns is thought to be driven by car owners failing to properly maintain their vehicles during lockdown.

Rise in breakdowns

Drivers in England are now allowed to use their cars to commute to work where they cannot work from home, and to travel further to parks or beaches for exercise.

However, research conducted by Green Flag between Wednesday, 6th May and Wednesday 13th May, reveals a disproportionate increase in breakdowns compared with traffic on the roads.

The vehicle recovery firm says its most frequent callouts have been related to battery and mechanical faults consistent with cars being left stationary for a long period.

Mark Newberry, Commercial Director at Green Flag, said: “With the slight easing of lockdown in England, a pathway for a return to ‘normality’ has been laid, but with any major change or indeed in this case, return, preparation is key.

“With more drivers expected on the road in the coming days, we’re urging people to make sure their cars are roadworthy, checking the vital components, and ensuring they have the necessary rescue cover in place, should they have cancelled or downgraded recently.”

Vehicle maintenance

Car experts have advised motorists to keep on top of car maintenance during the lockdown period.

Tyre pressure, battery issues and corroding brakes are among the most common issues thought to affect motorists whose cars have been sat stationary throughout lockdown.

Failing to keep vehicles in safe, working order could lead to breakdowns and even driving penalties if motorists are found to be driving a vehicle that’s unsafe for the road. 

Drivers can be subject to fines of up to £2,500 and nine penalty points if their car is considered to be in a dangerous condition.

Here are our top tips on keeping your car maintained during lockdown.

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