Driver dads go Gaga for car-aoke

Father and son driving

Father and son driving

Father and son driving

OK, so there are fewer things more embarrassing for kids than dads trying to be “with it” – especially when it comes to fashion and music.

But a new survey suggests that Britain’s motoring fathers are actually building bridges with their kids on long journeys by singing their favourite tunes.

Cringey car-aoke?

With the long bank holiday weekend upon us, Skoda UK’s fun research shows that so-called “car-aoke” is challenging even ‘I-Spy’ as the most family-friendly, in-car pastime.

The Czech carmaker interviewed 1,000 driving licence-holding fathers and found that car-aoke is a key entry point into the world of their children’s music.

Its researchers were trying to gauge how families entertain themselves on lengthy motor trips with the Whitsun bank holiday approaching. And the results may surprise you …

It’s not a fad, dad

Young, new drivers might still cringe at the thought of dad singing the lyrics to Arctic Monkeys or Kasabian.

But those often hard-to-please younger children are generally being kept amused and occupied by their father’s sing-a-longs to their music.

What’s more, Skoda reports that fathers are even learning to enjoy the younger generation’s songs.

The most popular dad tunes are:

– Let It Go (from Walt Disney musical Frozen): 19% of dads remember this song’s words and 55% say it is their most popular children’s track.

– Happy (Pharrell Williams): 31% of fathers admit they can sing along to this one unprompted.

– Poker Face (Lady Gaga): 22% of dads know its lyrics.

Stat attack

– As many as three-quarters (75%) of UK dads confess to singing along with sons and/or daughters on car journeys

– Nearly one in five (18%) admit to listening to their children’s tunes when driving alone.

But is there still some stigma attached to dads trying to be musically “cool” in front of their kids?

– Just 37% of children said this embarrasses them

– 63% of children find it hilarious that their fathers are trying their best

What the experts say

– Skoda UK brand head Alasdair Stewart says the study suggests the right sounds can mean the difference between a good or not-so-good road trip. This was both for parents and children alike.

Dom Joly, a parent, comedian and travel writer, says family car-aoke is “brilliant” for beating in-car boredom. Even if it does mean forsaking his usual indie sounds for a bit of Gaga and Williams.

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