New parking payment system could put an end to fines

A male driver looks at a parking ticket.

Fed up with rushing back to your car to avoid getting a ticket? Well a new parking tech innovation set to launch in the UK could be about to make traditional fines a thing of the past.

Parking shake-up

Hozah’s parking payment system automatically detects when your vehicle enters and leaves a car park, calculates the length of your stay and takes your payment.

All you need to do is sign up via its website with your number plate and payment details. There’s no need to worry about being charged incorrectly, as you can check your transaction history for full cost breakdowns and details of each parking session.

The autopay system – coming to the UK after recent significant investment – can be used at any park covered by Hozah, with the option to register as many vehicles as you’d like to your account.

It’s hoped it will reduce the effects of human error and ensure road users never forget to pay their fines or charges.

It should also save us time in having to deal with pay and display machines, and give us one less reason to carry cash.

David Fowle, Managing Director of Hozah said: “We’re delighted to have received this investment through Suss Ventures, which is a real show of faith in our capability to revolutionise the UK’s car park infrastructure.

“We look forward to using these funds to help our customer avoid parking fines, frustrating apps and tickets.”

How to challenge a fine

If you think you’ve been incorrectly issued with a PCN, you can make a challenge to the council that issued it. In England and Wales, you have 28 days to do this, and must:

  • Explain your reasons for challenging the PCN, providing as much detail as possible.
  • Include any evidence or documents that’ll support your challenge.

If your representation is accepted, you won’t have to pay the fine. If rejected, you’ll have 28 days to pay – although may have the fine reduced by 50% if you appealed within 14 days.

You can make an appeal to an independent tribunal if you disagree with the final decision.

A recent AMT survey found Newcastle to be the UK’s best place to appeal a parking ticket, with two-thirds (66%) successfully appealing their fines.

For now, parking tickets remain an important revenue stream for local authorities. Find out more about how much councils pocket from parking fines.