45% of Brits cutting back on car journeys

Cars on the M4 motorway

How is the rising cost of living impacting your life?

High electricity bills and increasing fuel costs are forcing many households in the UK to make changes to their daily lives, which includes cutting back on car journeys in a bid to save money.

The high cost of everyday life

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), around 45% of Britons said they have cut back on non-essential car journeys over the past fortnight due to high fuel prices.

The average price of diesel has reached a new high of 197.1p per litre according to data firm Experian. In comparison, the prices a year ago were 133.5p for diesel and 131.1p for petrol.

The ONS survey reported that 80% of households said the increased spending on fuel has contributed to a higher cost of living. A fifth of people also said they were most worried about the higher cost of fuel.

For 93% of households, the rise in grocery bills contributed to the higher cost of living – 46% of adults said they had seen the cost of shopping increase above usual over the past two weeks – while the increased cost of energy was highlighted by 86% of people. Brits, as a result, are doing whatever they can to save money.

The government’s solution

A No. 10 spokesman said: “We know that many people are facing cost-of-living pressures up and down the country and we acknowledge that the price of petrol is one of those pressures.

“That’s why we introduced the 5p reduction in terms of duty, but it’s also worth remembering the wider package of support that the Chancellor has announced that will mean that 30% of households in the UK, so approximately eight million, will receive £1,200 in extra support to help them through this difficult period.”

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