World record, life-size LEGO caravan goes on display

The caravan comes complete with running water and a LEGO breakfast

OK, we’ll admit… this isn’t a story you hear every day. But it’s definitely one worth shouting about.

A caravan has gone on display at Beaulieu (home to the National Motor Museum), in the New Forest. But this is not your regular caravan, oh no. It’s made entirely out of LEGO bricks. 215,158 of them to be precise.

The creation of a LEGO legend
The caravan was designed by the bright minds at Bright Bricks a couple of years ago and it took them over 1,000 hours to build the life-size vehicle. The LEGO caravan creation weighs in at 1200kg and measures 3.6 metres long.

The caravan was designed to look the part both inside and out. When you venture inside the LEGO leisure vehicle, you’ll see breakfast cooking on the hob and a chess game in mid-flow on the table. They really nailed that lived-in LEGO look!

While the mushrooms and eggs may not be real (you’ve been warned, please don’t try and take a bite), other parts of the vehicle are as real as it gets. This brick machine boasts fully functioning lights and running water. Some of the seats even fold into a bed!

This incredible feat becomes truly legendary when you realise that all of this was done with regular ‘off-the-shelf’ LEGO pieces.

A message behind the LEGO madness
You may have a lot of questions. How and why being the two big ones. Well, we have no idea how they did it, but we do know why:

The caravan was built as part of the National Caravan Council’s ‘Freedom to Go’ campaign. The Council wanted to find ways to change public perception of the humble caravan, and encourage more people to try out a holiday in a caravan. Probably not in a LEGO one, but you get their point.

Visit the Beaulieu website for more information. And in the spirit of ‘Freedom to Go’, get a ticket and head to the New Forest!

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