Top 10 fuel-efficient cars of 2019

Check out our guide to the top 10 fuel-efficient cars in 2019

We all like to save a bit of cash here and there, so why not look to buy a car that will help you do that week in, week out?

We’ve pulled together a guide on the most fuel-efficient cars of 2019, so you can help your cash go a little bit further when you’re behind the wheel.

Here’s our top 10 fuel-efficient cars of 2019

1. Peugeot 208

At the top of our list is the Peugeot 208, particularly the diesel model which runs at 67.7mpg with CO2 output of just 95g/km.

2. Suzuki Celerio

A great little city car, the Suzuki Celerio is actually one of the cheapest on the market next to the Kia Picanto and Citroen C1. It’s also one of the most efficient, with fuel consumption coming in at just 64.9mpg.

3. Ford Focus

The latest Ford Focus scores highly on the efficiency scale, with a commendable 64.2mpg real-world fuel consumption. It also has the lowest CO2 emissions on our list, putting out only 91g/km. A great option for a low emissions family car.

4. Renault Clio

With all engines now fitted with stop/start technology, the iconic Renault Clio series is designed for optimal fuel consumption. Figures come in at 64.2mpg with 100g/km in CO2 emissions.

5. Citroen C3 Aircross

A spacious SUV with something calls a “frugal yet punchy” engine. The diesel model scores best at 63.1mpg, but considering its size, the petrol car also score respectably, with an official figure of 56.5mpg for a mid-range vehicle.

6. Honda Civic

The latest edition of the Honda Civic has made noticeable efforts to improve performance. Diesel models now rank a modest 62.8 mpg, though a low 93g/km in CO2 emissions marks the Civic as a strong competitor in the efficiency market.

7. Renault Megane

AutoExpress reports “a tenfold improvement” on the latest Renault Megane. A stylish option for a family car, the ever-chic Megane runs on 62.8mpg, with a CO2 emissions output of 101g/km.

8. DS 3 Crossback BlueHDi 100

It might be a little more expensive than its petrol stablemate, but the diesel DS 3 Crossback is the one to choose for efficiency. The BlueHDi 100 1.5-litre diesel comes out with the lower CO2 output and fuel efficiency at 62.7mpg.

9. Dacia Sandero

If you’re looking for a cheap run-around car, the Sandero might pull in the top spot. With a decent fuel economy of 62.7mpg, the Dacia has to be one of the most cost-effective drives on the market.

10. Citroen Grand Spacetourer

If you’re looking for an efficient seven-seater, you can’t go wrong with the Citroen Grand Spacetourer’s 58.1mpg fuel efficiency. CO2 output doesn’t score badly either, at just 106g/km.

So, there you have it… the top 10 most fuel-efficient cars of 2019. Buying one of these cars will not only guarantee a cheaper fuel bill, it’ll also help with the environment too.

If you’re looking to lower your carbon footprint, why not have a read of our top tips to becoming an eco-friendly driver? There’s always something you can do behind the wheel to help offset your emissions.

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