RAC launches new fuel finder app

Person using a pump at a petrol station

RAC’s new app will help you get the best deal

Fuel prices have started to come down, but are you always getting the cheapest option?

myRAC Fuel Finder

RAC have recently launched the ‘myRAC Fuel Finder’ app which can save drivers up to 6p a litre or £3.30 per full tank. It’s available for anyone to use, not just RAC customers, who can also use it to quickly report breakdowns.

The app works by allowing you to search an area for the cheapest fuel option. You’ll be able to search up to five times a day, within a five or ten-mile radius of your location. The app will display the five cheapest places to get fuel within your chosen area and compare them to the average UK price, so you can be sure you’re getting a good deal.

The app will also remember your regular searches, which makes finding the cheapest option even quicker next time you need to fill up.

The RAC’s analysis found that using the app could save you 6p per litre of diesel and 5p per litre of petrol. That means, if you fill up once a week, you could save up to £172 a year if you drive a diesel vehicle, and £143 per year if you use petrol.

Why is it needed?

Fuel prices shot up in the summer of 2022, a few months after Russia invaded Ukraine. Prices hit record levels at 191.5p per litre of petrol and 199p per litre of diesel.

Since then, prices have fallen dramatically to approximately 143p per litre of petrol and 145p per litre of diesel. However, the RAC has found that the four big supermarkets (ASDA, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Morrisons) have been slow to lower their costs now that wholesale prices have dropped.

The RAC is warning drivers not to assume that the big retailers are the cheapest places to buy fuel as forecourt prices vary from supermarket to supermarket, sometimes even within a few miles

RAC spokesperson Simon Williams says: “We are determined to give drivers an easy way to make sure they get the best deal possible at the pumps.”

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