Rules of the Road

22nd November 2022

Drivers face £1,000 fine for not following lights rule during bad weather

Welcome to Britain, where the winter days are short, dark, and cold. Driving during this time can be a challenge for many. The dark presents great […]
17th November 2022

Would you fail your driving test if you took it today?

A new survey shows a shocking 80% of drivers would fail their driving test if taken today, thanks to years of bad driving habits. The findings […]
15th November 2022

Why an automatic-only driving licence could be the right decision

Do you own an automatic-only licence? If yes, you aren’t alone. Auto-only licence holders make up around 2.7% of all qualified drivers on Britain’s roads, and […]
3rd November 2022

Cost of living crisis has young drivers delaying car repairs

Is your vehicle roadworthy? A new RAC study shows 37% of young drivers are avoiding car repairs in an attempt to save money during the cost […]
27th October 2022

Winter warning: DVLA calls drivers to take the number plate eyesight test

As we turn back the clocks to save daylight, we gain an extra hour of sleep. But unfortunately, face more time driving on dark roads. With […]
25th October 2022

DVLA warns drivers to check expiry date of driving licence

Still remember the moment you got your driving licence? It may have been your first step towards independence, but how many times have you looked at […]
6th October 2022

How do speed cameras really work?

Have you ever questioned the accuracy of speed cameras in the UK? You might have noticed drivers exceeding the speed limit only to pass by without […]
29th September 2022

Fog lights: When to flip the switch

Did you know there are strict rules around using fog lights? You can be fined £30 at the roadside just for switching them on at the […]
20th September 2022

The hardest and most expensive places in the UK to find parking

Finding a parking space is never an easy job. It can take time for you to find a suitable spot for your car, but this doesn’t […]
15th September 2022

Stopping on the hard shoulder could land you a £2,500 fine

Ever pulled over onto the hard shoulder for a quick pitstop? Be warned – unless your reason for doing so meets Highway Code rules, you could […]
8th September 2022

Pedestrian crossings and how to use them

Research shows that 81% of drivers don’t know how to use a zebra crossing, let alone the seven different types of pedestrian crossings on UK roads […]
7th September 2022

Can you keep your car parked in one spot for a long time?

Is parking the most dreaded thing about driving for you? If yes, you aren’t alone. Many drivers don’t like having to find and park in new […]
1st September 2022

Four new driving laws coming into effect this month

September is here, and it’s brought some new driving laws along with it. From mobile phone usage to driving in low emission zones, here are four […]
18th August 2022

Cyclists face the potential for harsher road rules

Should cyclists abide by the same restrictions as drivers? The Government is set to review rules for bike riders in a shake-up of the Highway Code.  […]
10th August 2022

Can you eat and drink behind the wheel?

Do you tend to snack while driving? Long car journeys can be exhausting, and a quick snack can give you a much-needed energy boost. But is […]
14th July 2022

Wales to lower speed limit to 20mph on residential roads

Did you know that speed limits are changing in parts of the UK? In Wales, the speed limit is set to drop to 20mph on all […]
30th June 2022

What you need to know about parking on pavements

Be honest – how many times have you had to park on the pavement or mount your car on a kerb? On small or busy streets, […]
1st June 2022

Drivers face hefty fines for running out of fuel while driving

How many times have you risked it and driven your car on low fuel? For many of us, it’s probably quite a few and we’ve mostly […]
4th May 2022

Noise cameras could be coming to a street near you

Have you ever been irritated by an exhaust? Angered by the sound of an engine? Your prayers may be answered by a plan, announced by the […]
5th April 2022

20% of drivers unaware of recent Highway Code changes

Are you aware of recent changes to the Highway Code? From pedestrians now having more right of way at junctions, to cyclists being able to ride […]