Rules of the Road

23rd October 2019
Motorist charged for drink-driving after tailgating an unmarked police car.

Motorist charged for drink-driving after tailgating unmarked police car

Have you ever been tempted to blast your horn at a slow driver? What if you found out that driver was a police officer? 40-year-old Matthew […]
23rd October 2019
Make sure you’re up to date with the latest rules and requirements for child car seats

All you need to know about child car seat laws

With half term just around the corner, parents are looking around trying to find ways to keep the little ones entertained until they head back to […]
19th October 2019
OCheck out our guide on the latest driving laws to be introduced in 2019

New driving laws for 2019

Throughout 2019, the UK has welcomed a raft of new safety-driven driving laws. To help you understand what’s changed, here’s our quick guide of the new […]
16th October 2019
Here are 20 of the weirdest driving laws from around the world

Weirdest driving laws from around the world

Ever wanted to travel with a gorilla in Massachusetts, or drive shirtless in Thailand? Well, you’d better read up on your driving laws first. It always […]
7th October 2019
Are you in the know about how a green card might become your best friend when taking your car into Europe?

Green Cards: The ultimate guide

With the details on the UK leaving the EU still being finalised, us Brits are in limbo. We wanted to let you know that we’ve got […]
30th September 2019
Your guide to post-brexit motoring changes

Post-Brexit driving changes to look out for

With the endless coverage in the news these days, you’d be forgiven for suffering from Brexit fatigue and simply glazing over at the mere mention of […]
28th September 2019

Is your number plate about to become illegal because of Brexit?

As if there isn’t already enough uncertainty around what a post-Brexit world might look like, the government has now issued a warning that should the UK […]
27th September 2019
Sunday drivers are most likely to speed

Drivers are most likely to speed on Sundays

Racing back for work on a Sunday evening, or nipping to the takeaway on a Wednesday night? New data reveals the days and times UK motorists […]
18th September 2019
The most efficient way to stop drink-driving has come into question

Drink-drive deaths soar

The number of people killed on Britain’s roads in drink-drive related crashes has hit an eight-year high, although authorities have dismissed the rise a ‘not important’ […]
16th September 2019
Post-brexit motoring changes look to impact those using a UK driving licence in Ireland.

No-deal Brexit could mean UK driving licences are invalid

If you’re thinking about taking a road trip across Europe post 31st October, your driving licence might not be valid. That’s the warning from the Government, which […]
12th September 2019
Figures show speeding prosecutions are at a six-year high

Driver caught speeding at 110mph due to needing ‘a number two’

What’s the worst excuse you’ve heard for someone breaking the speed limit? Racing home to watch EastEnders? Or maybe realising they’d left the straighteners plugged in? […]
30th August 2019
Call for zero tolerance on drink-driving

Call for ‘zero tolerance’ after drink driver caught 4x over legal limit

A 37-year-old motorist has been banned from driving after being caught four times over the drink-drive limit – prompting calls from safety campaigners for stricter rules. […]
13th August 2019
A driver uses a mobile phone at the wheel.

Online game lets drivers experience dangers of mobile phone use

Kwik Fit has launched a new online game to demonstrate the destructive pitfalls of using mobile phones while driving. Placing drivers in a virtual car, the […]
31st July 2019
New restrictions could be introduced for young drivers

Is this the end of driving at night for new drivers?

Proposed restrictions on newly-qualified drivers should be introduced as soon as possible to cut road deaths, say leading road safety campaigners. IAM RoadSmart is urging the […]
27th July 2019
Fixed Speed Cameras are the most common type of speed camera.

Your guide to speeding laws in 2019

Back in April 2017 speeding laws in the UK changed. At the time research from Honest John revealed that a whopping 84% of UK drivers didn’t know […]
26th July 2019
Young drivers could soon face restrictions with a graduated driving licence

Night ban ‘could put off learner drivers’

A potential ban on newly-qualified motorists driving at night could severely limit young people’s independence, experts have warned. The Department for Transport (DfT) announced it’s considering […]
15th July 2019
Are you abiding dash cam laws?

Dash cam laws to abide by

As a driver, you’ve always got the fear that something’s going to happen outside of your control and you’re going to end up with a hefty […]
12th July 2019
62% of Brits believe you drive on the left in France and Spain

Brits are clueless about foreign driving laws

What should you remember when planning your trip to the Continent? Your passport? Your French phrase book? Maybe even a guide to the best local vineyards? […]
14th June 2019
Don’t let summer driving myths ruin your drives

10 summer driving myths debunked

Summer’s well and truly in swing and many of us are enjoying the high temperatures by taking to the roads and heading off on a sunny […]
10th June 2019
Driving around Europe could see you land a huge fine due to breaking the law

Holidaymakers face fierce fines for breaking Euro driving laws

So, you’ve crossed the English Channel and are driving towards your ideal summer getaway when… you get slapped with a fine for over £5,000. Sounds like […]