Rules of the Road

26th October 2020
New driver holding car key.

Government scraps graduated driving licence plans

New drivers can keep their freedoms on the road, says the UK government. Plans to introduce a graduated driving licence (GDL) for new and younger drivers […]
6th October 2020
Cyclists commuting in London

Changes to driving law spark backlash

Major updates to the Highway Code have not been welcomed by the majority of motorists. Driving law proposals introduce a new hierarchy of road users, giving […]
26th August 2020
UK’s first Dutch-style roundabout in Cambridge.

Dutch roundabouts could bring changes to UK driving law

Ever used a Dutch roundabout? You’d better buckle up. New government guidance could soon make them a much more common sight on our roads. Dutch-style roundabouts […]
16th July 2020
Fines for parking in cycle lanes

Drivers now face £130 fine for parking in cycle lanes

Local councils across the UK now have powers to charge motorists up to £130 for parking in cycle lanes. The changes come as part of a […]
9th July 2020
Driving with a health conditions

Failure to declare health conditions could cost drivers

Have you declared your medical condition? The DVLA is warning drivers they could be fined for failing to speak up about any of these health issues… […]
29th June 2020
MOT testing to be reintroduced

MOT testing to be reintroduced from August

Mandatory MOT testing will be reintroduced for drivers in England, Scotland and Wales from 1st August as lockdown measures ease. The Government granted a six-month extension […]
23rd June 2020
Dogs die in hot cars

RSPCA warns drivers not to leave pets in car

As the British summer continues to heat up, pet owners could be putting their dogs at serious risk if they’re left in the car while they […]
26th May 2020
Using your hazard lights incorrectly could land you with a fine

Using hazard lights wrongly could cost you £5,000

Be honest – do you ever use your hazard lights to thank other road users, or to help you park on busy roads? Take stock. These […]
6th May 2020
Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Speed awareness courses go online during lockdown

Were you booked on a speed awareness course prior to lockdown? Drivers can now Zoom their way back to the road as courses go online. Drivers […]
14th April 2020
Car tax has changed

Car tax has changed – are you up to speed?

It’s a year of big change and car tax isn’t unaffected. For some motorists, new rules will mean paying more to keep their car on the […]
13th March 2020
Over 1 million speeding drivers choose awareness courses over points

Drivers taking speed awareness courses tripled in the last decade

Millions of speeding motorists are returning to the classroom as an alternative way of paying their dues. Nearly 1.5 million motorists took the national speed awareness […]
11th March 2020
Strangers can park on your driveway

Legal loophole lets strangers park on your driveway

Have you ever come home to find a strange car parked in your driveway? Turns out, getting it moved could be tougher than you thought… A […]
9th March 2020
Drink-drive fatalities stay at record high

Drink-drive deaths fail to improve in over a decade

Thought safety was improving on the roads? Think again. Shocking new data reveals that drink-driving accidents have failed to improve in over a decade. Drink-drive related […]
14th February 2020
Drivers could be fined £5,000 for splashing a pedestrian.

Drivers who splash pedestrians could face £5,000 fines

Driving through deep water isn’t always avoidable, but soaking passing pedestrians could cost motorists more than just an angry look. In the wake of this week’s […]
6th February 2020
Escaping driving bans is set to become much more difficult

Losing job ‘no excuse’ for swerving driving ban

Drivers will have to come up with something a little more compelling than losing their livelihood if they hope to escape future driving bans… Motorists who […]
6th February 2020
Your guide to post-brexit motoring changes

Post-Brexit driving changes to look out for

So, Brexit’s done (for now) and we’re finally getting a clearer picture of the how the change will impact upon motoring laws and our ability to […]
5th February 2020
Driving laws you didn't know you were breaking every day

Driving laws you could be breaking every day

We all know not to speed, to always wear our seat belts and never use our mobiles. But there are some lesser-known driving laws that you […]
28th January 2020
Get in the know of 2020 motoring law changes

Motoring laws to be aware of in 2020

With several new motoring laws set to be introduced during 2020, it might be easy to fall into traps without realising. Here’s our quick guide to […]
17th January 2020
West Yorkshire drivers most likely to get caught speeding

Revealed: Counties where you’re most likely to get caught speeding

Did you know, your postcode could determine how likely you are to get caught breaking the speed limit? RAC Foundation figures have revealed the numbers of […]
16th January 2020
Are you in the know about how a green card might become your best friend when taking your car into Europe?

Green Cards: The ultimate guide

With the details on the UK leaving the EU still being finalised, us Brits are in limbo. We wanted to let you know that we’ve got […]