Rules of the Road

23rd March 2023

London’s ULEZ expansion plans cause more political upset

The ULEZ (Ultra-Low Emission Zone) expansion is planned for 29th August 2023, and will cover all 33 of the London boroughs, rather than just the city […]
2nd March 2023

Two thirds of drivers think aggressive cyclists are a threat to their safety

Do you believe aggressive cyclists are a danger to your safety? For almost two in three drivers, the answer is yes, despite there being a high […]
28th February 2023

Say hello to the ‘23’ licence plate

From 1 March 2023, the new ‘23’ licence plate registration will be introduced across England, Scotland and Wales. This will be the first licence plate change […]
23rd February 2023

7 new driving changes for 2023

2023 has ushered in new driving changes. Here’s what you need to know to keep a clean licence and your eye on your motoring money. 1. […]
21st February 2023

DVLA issues warning to drivers who passed their test in 2014

Did you pass your driving test before 2014? If the answer is yes, you’ll soon need to renew your driving licence. This reminder comes from the […]
14th February 2023

Dubai relaunches plans for flying taxis by 2026

Many of us catch taxis on a regular basis, but would you sit in a flying taxi? Some of us hoped flying cars would exist by […]
9th February 2023

Manchester to lower default speed limit to 20mph

Live or drive in Manchester? You might notice traffic slowing down in the area as the speed limit is set to be reduced. In an attempt […]
2nd February 2023

Getting to grips with the diesel ban

The UK government plans to ban diesel car sales by 2030. But why are we moving away from this fuel type? And what does this mean […]
1st February 2023

2023 motoring information – what’s new?

Are you ready to get driving in 2023? Make sure you know the new rules of the road first. From the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) […]
31st January 2023

Drivers call for heavier punishment for not following seatbelt laws

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was recently fined by police for taking off his seatbelt to film a social media video in a moving car. As a […]
26th January 2023

Drivers are spending around three hours a year defrosting their car windscreen

On cold, frosty mornings, the last thing many of us want to do is defrost our windscreen. It’s a task no one looks forward to, and […]
10th January 2023

London remains world’s most congested city

From Big Ben to Buckingham Palace, London is known for many things, including its busy roads. So, it might not come as a surprise to some […]
1st December 2022

Are you covered with fully comprehensive car insurance?

Is your car covered in the event of an accident? You are legally obliged to have a car insurance policy in the UK, but there are […]
22nd November 2022

Drivers face £1,000 fine for not following lights rule during bad weather

Welcome to Britain, where the winter days are short, dark, and cold. Driving during this time can be a challenge for many. The dark presents great […]
17th November 2022

Would you fail your driving test if you took it today?

A new survey shows a shocking 80% of drivers would fail their driving test if taken today, thanks to years of bad driving habits. The findings […]
15th November 2022

Why an automatic-only driving licence could be the right decision

Do you own an automatic-only licence? If yes, you aren’t alone. Auto-only licence holders make up around 2.7% of all qualified drivers on Britain’s roads, and […]
3rd November 2022

Cost of living crisis has young drivers delaying car repairs

Is your vehicle roadworthy? A new RAC study shows 37% of young drivers are avoiding car repairs in an attempt to save money during the cost […]
27th October 2022

Winter warning: DVLA calls drivers to take the number plate eyesight test

As we turn back the clocks to save daylight, we gain an extra hour of sleep. But unfortunately, face more time driving on dark roads. With […]
25th October 2022

DVLA warns drivers to check expiry date of driving licence

Still remember the moment you got your driving licence? It may have been your first step towards independence, but how many times have you looked at […]
6th October 2022

How do speed cameras really work?

Have you ever questioned the accuracy of speed cameras in the UK? You might have noticed drivers exceeding the speed limit only to pass by without […]