Rules of the Road

30th June 2022

What you need to know about parking on pavements

Be honest – how many times have you had to park on the pavement or mount your car on a kerb? On small or busy streets, […]
1st June 2022

Drivers face hefty fines for running out of fuel while driving

How many times have you risked it and driven your car on low fuel? For many of us, it’s probably quite a few and we’ve mostly […]
4th May 2022

Noise cameras could be coming to a street near you

Have you ever been irritated by an exhaust? Angered by the sound of an engine? Your prayers may be answered by a plan, announced by the […]
5th April 2022

20% of drivers unaware of recent Highway Code changes

Are you aware of recent changes to the Highway Code? From pedestrians now having more right of way at junctions, to cyclists being able to ride […]
10th March 2022

Glasgow’s taxi drivers concerned about low emission zones

Some of us might not think twice about paying £12.50 to drive in an expanding number of national low emission zones (LEZ). But for taxi drivers […]
7th March 2022

What to do if someone parks in front of your driveway

Have you ever been guilty of parking in front of someone’s driveway? Or have you been on the receiving end and blocked from getting in or […]
2nd March 2022

DVLA urges drivers to pay car tax ahead of new costs

Have you paid your car tax? The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) is urging that you do so as soon as possible before new changes […]
22nd February 2022

Fewer drivers now think it’s OK to speed

Do you think it’s acceptable to drive at 80mph on a motorway? Over 40% of drivers say it’s OK, but since 2016 an increasing number are […]
15th February 2022

10 lesser-known driving offences you need to be aware of

Do you know you’re committing an offence if you drive with a dirty number plate or an unsecured pet in your car? To stop you being […]
8th February 2022

Private parking fines to be lowered to £50 from £100

Have you ever wished that private parking fines weren’t so high? If you live in England or Wales (excluding London), you can breathe a little sigh […]
3rd February 2022

Stricter mobile phone rules to come into force from 25th March

Stop scrolling… The law on using a mobile phone while driving is about to get a whole lot tougher. The Department for Transport has announced that […]
31st January 2022

Major drive to raise awareness of Highway Code shake-up

The Highway Code is set to undergo a major shake-up this weekend – but are you aware of it? Many drivers are still oblivious to the […]
12th January 2022

10 new driving laws and rule changes you need to know in 2022

Ready to hit the road in 2022? Hold up. There’s some changes you should know about. From new Clean Air Zones and updated number plates, to […]
14th October 2021

Scrappage scheme applications rejected as London’s ULEZ expansion approaches

Prepared for the Ultra-Low Emission zone (ULEZ) expansion in London later this month? Or are you one of the thousands of motorists who’ve had your application […]
12th October 2021

New motorway cameras could fine you £100 for ignoring closed lanes

Don’t ignore the red ‘X’ on smart motorways, National Highways warns in its latest crackdown. A new automatic camera charge has been announced to catch people […]
3rd August 2021

New Highway Code puts pedestrians and cyclists at top of ‘road user hierarchy’

Who do you think should have right of way on the roads? New changes to the Highway Code are to give those on foot and bike […]
20th July 2021

Motorists hit by DVLA driving licence delays

Need a new driving licence? Depending on your situation, it seems you might be faced with a wait of 10 weeks or more.  Paper licence hold-ups […]
13th July 2021

Low traffic neighbourhoods make millions in fines in a year

How well do you know your road signs? With drivers being fined millions for entering low traffic neighbourhoods (LTNs) due to confusion about signs, it might […]
7th July 2021

GB car sticker makes way for new ‘UK’ version

Used to displaying a GB sticker on your car when travelling abroad? It seems you’ll have to trade it in for a new ‘UK’ version if […]
21st June 2021

Councils in England and Wales given new powers to fine drivers

The power to charge drivers for minor offences could soon be in the hands of your local council. The Department for Transport (DfT) has confirmed local […]
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