March 2020

31st March 2020

How people are thanking NHS workers on the roads

Over the last week, NHS and key worker staff have been overwhelmed by public gratitude for all their hard work. On 26th March, millions of people […]
27th March 2020

Six-month MOT exemption granted in response to the Coronavirus

Owners of cars, motorcycles and vans will be granted a six-month exemption from MOT testing in response to the Coronavirus crisis. The Department for Transport (DfT) […]
20th March 2020

Top tips for spring driving

Spring is in the air, evenings are getting lighter and days are getting warmer. While many of you are jumping for joy that winter has finally […]
13th March 2020

Drivers taking speed awareness courses tripled in the last decade

Millions of speeding motorists are returning to the classroom as an alternative way of paying their dues. Nearly 1.5 million motorists took the national speed awareness […]
11th March 2020

Legal loophole lets strangers park on your driveway

Have you ever come home to find a strange car parked in your driveway? Turns out, getting it moved could be tougher than you thought… A […]
9th March 2020

Drink-drive deaths fail to improve in over a decade

Thought safety was improving on the roads? Think again. Shocking new data reveals that drink-driving accidents have failed to improve in over a decade. Drink-drive related […]
5th March 2020

Thousands of new drivers have never driven at night

Does driving in the dark still fill you with dread? For thousands of new drivers, the prospect could lead to more than just nightmares… Inexperienced drivers […]