October 2023

31st October 2023

Drivers at risk of £13,000 in fines this Halloween

The trend of decorating your car for Halloween has been growing in popularity, with #HalloweenCar racking up over 15 million views on TikTok. However, if you […]
26th October 2023

UK car manufacturing sees a promising year-on-year spike

Britain’s carmakers can rejoice as September yields an impressive 39.8% increase in manufacturing output compared to the same month last year. The Society of Motor Manufacturers […]
24th October 2023

Drivers’ anger over poor local roads reaches highest level in 9 years

The disrepair of Britain’s roads is a top concern for almost half of drivers (49%), according to the RAC’s Annual Report on Motoring. This is the […]
19th October 2023

Get winter ready: 5 tips for cold-weather driving

As temperatures drop, UK roads get more treacherous with rain, ice and snow. But there are things you can do to prepare your car and yourself […]
17th October 2023

World’s biggest Pothole Pro fleet set to fix Britain’s roads

Britain’s pothole problem is well-documented, but that could all be about to change thanks to a fleet of JCB Pothole Pros.  JCB Pothole Pros hit the […]
12th October 2023

Brits warned to check cars before temperature drops

Autumn has well and truly arrived, but do you know the best way to take care of your car now it’s getting colder? We share some […]
10th October 2023

Two-thirds of Brits see cars as a stress-buster

Two thirds of Brits say that spending time working on their car helps to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.   The findings come from an […]
6th October 2023

Top 10 cars featured in Halloween movies

It’s that time of year again when we break out the scary movies. But how often do you pay attention to the cars that make appearances […]
5th October 2023

Fuel prices surge in September: Up by 4.5p

Feeling a sense of déjà vu with rising fuel costs? It might be wise to trust your instincts, as RAC Fuel Watch found that prices at […]
3rd October 2023

New 30-point plan pledges to make life easier for drivers

There have been a lot of road related policies implemented in the past few years, and now the Conservative Party has unveiled a 30-point plan aimed […]