April 2019

23rd April 2019

Where are the UK’s most frustrating places to drive?

Where’s the most frustrating places to drive that you’ve come across? The ring road at rush hour? The supermarket car park on a Saturday morning? Well, […]
20th April 2019

Top tips to prevent driving tired

Driving to work while still half asleep is something that lots of us do everyday with most people don’t see it as an issue. But, driving tired […]
17th April 2019

Revealed: Britain’s worst professions for speeding

Which profession do you think are most likely to be caught speeding? Lawyers? Bankers? Maybe footballers in their top-of-the-range sports cars? Believe it or not, the […]
17th April 2019

Banned number plates in 2019

Hundreds of car number plates which could be considered rude or offensive never make it onto the road each year. The DVLA has confirmed that it […]
15th April 2019

Drivers hit as fuel price climbs again

Felt the pinch at the pump recently? Maybe you’ve been surprised at just how much you’ve had to fork out on the forecourt? Well you’re probably […]
10th April 2019

Car tax changes 2019 explained: what you need to know

Only two things in life are certain: death and car tax. As we’re now firmly in April, another set of changes to car tax requirements and […]
10th April 2019

The UK’s speeding crisis

Ever wondered which part of the country is home to the greatest number of speeding motorists? Well, new data might help answer that question… According to […]
8th April 2019

Would you hit and run after denting someone else’s car?

Ever reversed out of a tight parking space only to feel the tell-tale crunch of your car accidentally scraping another vehicle? An accidental collision like this […]
5th April 2019

The most accident-prone cars revealed

Ever been tempted by a Toyota Prius? It’s one of the most popular cars in the UK and the best-selling electric hybrid on the market, but […]