Staycationers to take 45 million day trips in August

Children on a summer road trip

Holiday plans scuppered by the pandemic? UK road trips look to be the next best option as Brits plan to make the most of summer.

A new survey of almost 1,500 drivers shows over a quarter of us plan to take more day trips than we did last summer – and that’s not even including those planning an overnight stay.

However, the survey also suggests many of us are still nervous about travelling during the pandemic, with 38% of us who normally take August day trips, planning to stay at home.

Holiday traffic

As many as 28% of us are planning extra day trips this August to make up for cancelled holidays abroad, the RAC survey found.

Nearly half (49%) plan to hit the road for at least one summer outing this month, suggesting up to 45 million day trips will be enjoyed over August.

Simon Williams from RAC Breakdown said: “Our research shows that August is set to be a massive month for day trips as families look to try to make the most of what’s left of the school holidays and pack in some family fun now the lockdown has been eased.

“With forecasters also predicting a sustained period of hot weather for many southern parts of the UK, it could well tempt even higher numbers to get out and about at the last minute.”

Safety first

With one in seven drivers predicted to have taken advantage of MOT extensions over lockdown, day-trippers are being reminded to put safety first when setting out on long journeys.

Whether you’re just out for the day, or planning a longer stopover, some simple summer car checks such as examining your tyres, oil and coolant levels, will help you reach your destination without any hiccups. 

You should also make sure your car insurance and breakdown cover are up to date before heading off on your road trip.

Mr Williams added: “If cars are overdue for their services, we strongly recommend getting them booked in as soon as possible to help reduce the chances of suffering an unwanted breakdown mid-journey.

“We’re also encouraging drivers whose vehicles may have had their MOT due date extended during the pandemic to get them booked in well ahead of their new due dates to avoid the rush likely to occur from October when the first extended MOTs will need to be carried out.”

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