August 2016

30th August 2016

Calorie count driven up by long and stressful commutes to work

Wondering why you’re piling on the pounds? Apparently your journey to and from work could be the reason you’re overweight. Commuting adds an average of almost […]
19th August 2016

The best and worst snacks to give kids in the car

As the family car is transformed into a travelling tuck box for the summer holiday, our research has revealed which snacks parents should pack and those […]
19th August 2016

7 ways drivers can take the stress out of camping

Camping is seeing a surge in popularity following the Brexit vote, with some 1.5 million holiday-goers opting to stay in the UK rather than go abroad. […]
18th August 2016

How to avoid a motoring mishap abroad

More than half of UK motorists consider themselves nervous while driving abroad, and as many as one in four say their nerves make them dangerous as […]
17th August 2016

Summer driving checklist

As many as 18.5 million people will be taking their car with them on holiday this summer, either to see a bit of the country en […]
16th August 2016

Poll finds blind spots in drivers’ road sign knowledge

There are many signs on our roads, but do you know what they all mean? According to a recent poll, which questioned 2,000 adults, drivers don’t […]
15th August 2016

Woman sets shocking failed theory test record

Shaking hands, a dry mouth and cold sweat? Remember how it feels to take an exam? It’s nerve-wracking. No one likes tests, especially when you’re learning to drive, […]
1st August 2016

Silverstone commemorates England’s 1966 football win

To many people, 1966 has gone down as not just the greatest year in English sport, but also one of the most important dates in the […]
1st August 2016

Black is the new white when it comes to car colours

It’s one of the first things many of us look for when we buy a car. Some may look for safety features, speed, fuel economy and […]