Car colour preferences go over to the dark side

Black cars make up 20.3% of the market

Black is the new black, the latest official figures on car sales show.

According to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, more than half a million consumers (20.3% of the market) chose black for their new car in 2017, earning it top spot for the first time since 2012.

Britain’s favourite coloured cars

Grey is second on the list of favourites, with one in five (19.7%) motorists choosing the muted tone for their new whip.

Despite being the buyer’s firm favourite in 2016, white cars have slipped two places, with 19% of the market.

Meanwhile, gold is 2017’s fastest growing choice. Although the glitzy shade is still considered a niche option, picked up by just 0.2% of consumers, demand for gold cars has risen by 19.1% since 2016.

Safe car colours hold their value

Jim Holder, Editorial Director of What Car? magazine, said: “Plainer, safer colours deliver better resale values because the cars will appeal to a broader group of buyers.

“This year’s figures show few signs of that trend changing despite buyers being offered more choices of car colours than ever.

“Still, gold’s position as the fastest-rising choice shows there are a few extroverts out there.”

Regional differences in car colour preference

Depending on where in the UK you live could have an impact on what colour car you choose, according to the data.

Regional differences shows that while black cars are in demand in the south of England, white motors are still the favourite in the north of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

Mr Holder added: “With black cars having a fearsome reputation for showing up dirt more than any other colour, perhaps we’re getting an insight into the nation’s willingness to pick up a sponge or pay someone else to use one.”

The top 10 favourites, including market share:

  1. Black (20.3%)
  2. Grey (19.7%)
  3. White (19.0%)
  4. Blue (16.0%)
  5. Silver (10.0%)
  6. Red (9.9%)
  7. Green (1.1%)
  8. Orange (0.8%)
  9. Bronze (0.5%)
  10. Yellow (0.4%)

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