Know your road signs for cycling

Do you know what these cycling road signs mean?

For many motorists and cyclists, the last time they looked at the Highway Code’s guide to road signs was when they passed their driving theory test.

Road signs you need to know

To jog your memory, here’s a quick refresher on the main road signs for cyclists you should know when you’re about on the UK roads.

No cycling






A black bicycle circled in red means you can’t ride a bike beyond the sign.

Pushing your bike is still permitted, so hop off until you see a sign giving you the go-ahead to ride on.

No vehicles

This circular empty sign means absolutely no vehicles are permitted.

You can push a bicycle along a road with this sign, but make sure you’re walking alongside it – anything else and you might get into trouble.

Route to be used for pedal cycles only

The blue cycle sign means it’s all good to go for cyclists — and cyclists only.

No other vehicles can travel on this route, which will be off-carriageway.

Cycle route ahead

Triangular signs with a red border are always warning signs, and this particular one means there’s a cycle route ahead — so keep your eyes peeled for road users on two wheels.

Route recommended for pedal cycles on the main carriageway


This rectangular cycle sign indicates a recommended route for cyclists.

Take it or leave it – you’re not required to use this route if you don’t want to, but it’s likely a more suitable lane for bicycles than the alternatives.

Segregated pedal cycle and pedestrian route

Pedestrians and cyclists share the route indicated, but there will be a dedicated cycle lane and walking path — just make sure you’re on the right side if you’re on your bike.

With-flow pedal cycle lane

This rectangular sign, with a white line marked down one side, indicates that there’s a cycle lane on a carriageway.

Cyclists can use the lane if they wish, but motorists are not permitted.

Contra-flow pedal cycles in a one-way street

This sign indicates that only pedal cycles can travel against the flow of traffic down this one-way street. Cyclists should still try to be aware of the flow of traffic, even if they have a marked lane, just to stay extra safe.

No through road except cycles

Motorists are blocked from accessing the road ahead, but cyclists are allowed to cycle through. You’ll usually be blocked by a bollard or two if you’re in a car, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for this sign!

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