Five futuristic cars that will wow you

Autonomous car concept

Will flying vehicles exist in the future? Will all cars self-drive?

10 years ago many of us probably thought flying cars would exist by now, but we aren’t far off. Tomasz Patan, chief technology officer of Jetson – a Swedish company that’s developed a personal electric aerial vehicle – recently flew his company’s vehicle, ONE, from his home in Tuscany to work.

Despite flying cars not existing everywhere at the moment, some cars are already giving us a glimpse into the future thanks to cool tech.

Here we share 1ST CENTRAL’s pick of five of the most futuristic cars currently on the market or coming soon.

  1. Hyundai Ioniq 5

Recently named the World Car of the Year, and the 2022 UK Car of the Year, the Hyundai Ioniq 5 is an impressive electric vehicle with equally impressive futuristic features.

The augmented reality head-up display feature turns the windshield into a display screen, the exterior of the car makes it look like a spaceship, and you can easily navigate your way on the road by using the massive 12.3-inch standard touchscreen display.

Nap mode is also a handy feature if you need a quick break.

  1. Tesla Model 3 and Y

It’s almost impossible to discuss futuristic cars without mentioning Tesla.

Models 3 and Y contain a centre screen that controls everything you need to do, from running the car and playing the radio to finding driving directions. If you’re tired of driving, why not turn on autopilot? The car will drive itself while you sit back.

Netflix users can stream their favourite show – or watch Hulu or YouTube instead – while their car is parked up. Free over-the-air software updates are also available, and, if you have a dog, you’ll be thankful for dog mode – it keeps the car cool inside so that your dog doesn’t overheat.

  1. Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

When we think of futuristic cars, many of us want to see a car that looks completely different to others, and that’s where Mercedes’ Vision EQ Silver Arrow comes in.

This one-seater vehicle (perfect for those who enjoy alone time) looks like something out of a movie. In the cockpit, drivers have a curved panoramic screen with back projection, as well as a touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel.

The EQ Silver Arrow is an homage to the Mercedes W 125 car from 1937 – on the large, curved screen you can take part in a virtual race against historic or present Silver Arrow racing cars. The Virtual Race Coach assistance function also helps you become a better driver by giving instructions during the race.

  1. Lotus Eletre

The Lotus Eletre (which means ‘coming to life’) is an electric SUV likely to go on sale from 2023.

The SUV has an autonomous driving feature, the instrument panel is replaced by a slim screen that runs the width of the dashboard – even the passenger will be able to view information – and over-the-air software updates will be possible.

5G capability is built in, voice control is offered, and Lotus claims that 95% of the car’s functions can be accessed with only three touches from the main screen.

  1. Devel 16

In 2013, Dubai-based car manufacturer Devel announced the unveiling of the Devel 16, a hypercar that looks nothing like your ordinary vehicle.

Over the past nine years, not much was shared about the car until earlier this year when Devel published a video showcasing the production-ready Devel 16 during a testing session in Italy.

The hypercar has a maximum speed of 348 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest cars in the world.

Despite only one having been created so far, Devel says there will be more in the future, and prices are expected to begin at $4 million.

New tech is also impressing drivers – Ford’s new headlight technology could be your saviour when driving at night. Read to find out more.

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