Top gear! The best gifts for the petrolhead in your life

A round-up of affordable Christmas gifts for car enthusiasts and motorists.

From a luxurious heated massage cushions to a build-your-own v8 engine, here’s our round-up of the perfect presents for car fans this Christmas…

Sat Nag in-car nagging system – £8.99
This novelty device is a simulated back-seat driver and the perfect gift for your significant other to give them a taste of their own medicine.

The Sat Nag in-car nagging system will drive them mad with useful phrases such as “In 25 metres, pull over, so I can get out, slam the door, and walk away…”

This comic Sat Nav features a lenticular screen with a moving image and also includes distances, road names and a speedometer to give it an authentic touch.

Bluetooth cassette tape adaptor – £29.95
Older cars are great but cassette tapes are pretty much redundant these days. Update your loved one’s car with a Bluetooth cassette adaptor so they can play their favourite tunes and liven up their journey. You can also take calls through the speaker using this device.

Heated massage cushion – £22.94
This luxury item is perfect for those that spend a lot of time in their car – especially if they have a long commute after a hard day’s work. It plugs directly into the lighter socket and has controllable massage areas and a heat pad. It will take the pain away from those motorway miles.

Build your own v8 engine – £32
Curious minds young and old will be kept busy when assembling this model of a v8 engine – it has more than 250 parts! A brilliant present for any car fanatic and once built it features an engine sound and illuminating spark plugs.

Personalised gearstick cufflinks – £40
Great for a snappy dresser, who also happens to love cars.

These are high quality and the metal cufflink box can be engraved with a message, initials or name of your choice.


All items are in stock and at the price shown at time of writing.

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