Ford is named the UK’s favourite car brand

Red Ford Fiesta parked in street

What’s your go-to car brand?

Online auction specialist BPI set out to name the UK’s 10 most popular car brands.

Here’s the results…

The UK’s favourite car brand

The study was put together by analysing the number of licensed cars by make and region to find the UK’s most loved car brand.

US-based car company, Ford, topped the list as the nation’s favourite car brand with four million car owners, according to the figures. The company has long been associated with the UK market, holding a major factory in Dagenham since 1931.

In second place was British car brand Vauxhall, followed by Germany’s iconic Volkswagen making up the top three.

The full results are:

  1. Ford – (4,061,100) 12.8%
  2. Vauxhall – (3,078,210) 9.7%
  3. Volkswagen – (2,745,900) 8.7%
  4. BMW – (1,888,600) 6%
  5. Audi – (1,719,000) 5.4%
  6. Mercedes – (1,602,200) 5.1%
  7. Toyota – (1,535,700) 4.8%
  8. Nissan – (1,535,100) 4.8%
  9. Peugeot – (1,340,400) 4.2%
  10. Honda – (1,010,200) 3.2%

Ford goes electric

Ford has long been a best seller in the UK, with two of the most popular models, the Focus and the Fiesta, continually appearing in the top-three car sales.

However, according to the Times, the brand may be about to take a major sidestep.

Recent reports suggest the much-loved Ford Fiesta is soon to turn electric, with production of petrol and diesel models ceasing in all regions.

And it’s not just the Fiesta. The Ford Mustang Mach-E GT EV is already turning heads in the US as the first all-electric Mustang on the roads.

Ford’s big news comes at the same time as Vauxhall announced plans for a £100 million electric car facility in the north of England, opening at the end of the decade.

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