Heatwave survival guide for your car

Car parked up during sunset.

Say hello to the heatwave…

Britain’s enjoying scorching temperatures this week, with the mercury rising above 30 degrees in many areas of the country. But if you’re planning a trip to the beach to make the most of it, some simple car checks are advised before setting off.

Extreme heat makes your car vulnerable to overheating, dead batteries and external damage among other problems. To avoid them, LeaseCar.UK explains what you need to do.

Engine overheating

Keep an eye on the engine temperature, make sure the cooling fan is intact and that the coolant levels are accurate to maintain a colder engine.

Punctured tyre

Tyre punctures are more common during heatwaves as hot roads put pressure on the rubber. You should regularly inspect car tyre pressures before a journey and make sure that the tyre tread doesn’t fall below the 1.6mm legal limit. If you’re making a long car trip, always carry a spare tyre.

Dead battery

When it’s hot, your car battery works harder to maintain a cool temperature in the car. To avoid a dead battery make sure there are no plastic components obstructing the airflow over the car battery and that you know how old the battery is – ask a mechanic to check if it needs replacing.

Broken air conditioning

A journey without air conditioning won’t feel great during a heatwave. To avoid broken air conditioning, check that the electrical components which fuel the air conditioning (the fan motor, thermostat etc) are all working, and that the car fluids are at the correct level.

Smoother journeys

A spokesperson for LeaseCar.uk said: “Millions of Britons will be hitting the road in the coming weeks as record numbers of us prepare to head off on much needed holidays.

“But with weather forecasters predicting high temperatures it is essential that drivers understand the dangers they face in hot conditions.

“Heat waves can cause a whole host of problems to our cars but luckily drivers can minimise the risks by carrying out some simple procedures.

“By following our advice motorists can ensure they enjoy the sunshine without having their holiday ruined by a breakdown.

“For a safe trip to be enjoyed throughout the rising summer temperatures, it is crucial for drivers to follow these easy preventative measures to avoid any potential problems.”

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