How people are thanking NHS workers on the roads

NHS thank you sign

Over the last week, NHS and key worker staff have been overwhelmed by public gratitude for all their hard work.

On 26th March, millions of people across the UK opened their windows or stepped outside their front doors to applaud the work of the NHS for the first time – but the thanks haven’t ended there.

Now people are going out of their way to support key workers on their commutes, with everything from encouraging road signs to dedicated parking spaces.

Thank you, NHS

Up and down the country, people have been transforming road signs and billboards to create messages of thanks for NHS workers as they drive.

In Teesside, NHS staff were reportedly ‘moved to tears’ when supporters put up a banner near James Cook University Hospital reading: ‘Those working to protect us – Thank you’.

On the M25, the railway bridge between junctions 16 and 17 in Buckinghamshire has also been transformed. Once graffitied with ‘Give peas a chance’, the bridge is now painted with a message of support: ‘Thank you, NHS’ in the healthcare service’s classic blue and white.

But it’s not all just words. In Wigan, a group of kind-hearted residents have taken their thoughtfulness a step further by marking out a dedicated parking space on their street, so a neighbouring NHS worker never has to search for a space after her shifts.

Government suspends parking charges

On 25th March the Government introduced new measures to help those working on the front line – including new parking measures for NHS workers.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced the Government’s commitment to supporting NHS staff working in hospitals during the pandemic.

He said: “Our NHS is facing an unprecedented challenge, and I will do everything I can to ensure our dedicated staff have whatever they need during this unprecedented time. So, we will provide free car parking for our NHS staff who are going above and beyond every day in hospitals across England.

“My enormous gratitude goes out to the many NHS Trusts and other organisations already providing free car parking and I urge other Trusts to do the same with our backing. We will do what is needed to protect the NHS, support our health and care staff, and save lives as we tackle COVID-19.”

Did you know, the Government has granted a six-month MOT exemption in response to the Coronavirus? Read about coronavirus and MOTs.

Photo reference: Tim Goode/PA Wire/PA Images

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  1. Lisa Farnocchia says:

    As an nhs frontline worker it is overwhelming the kindness of the public. Multiple insurance companies are supporting nhs workers by waiving their excess eg Admiral, Avivo are just a couple. However, on my way to another busy long shift a deer jumped out in front of my car resulting in almost £4000 worth of damage. I found a small private local garage that was open who is doing it for less than £3009 saving 1st central a lot of money. I’m not needing a courtesy car as I’ve borrowed one saving them money yet they cannot waive my £250 excess despite hard times are here fir all of us and I am treating patients almost everyday at work. Is there anything I can do for them to help me with my excess?
    A colleague of mine had a £600 excess waived to show their appreciation of her work as we put ourselves on the frontline caring for patients. This would be good advertising for 1st central to follow what other ins companies are doing..

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