Could your car read your mind? Ford thinks so.

A car telling terrible jokes? That might drive us mad…

So, how are you?



Confused about the prospect of a car knowing how you feel?

We totally understand if it’s the last one, after Ford’s recent announcement.

In the near future, your car may be able to know how you’re feeling, and react accordingly.

Four wheels for any emotion
Using in-car cameras and microphones, your motorised buddy will sense stress and spot sadness by monitoring changes in your expression and vocal inflection.

So, if a bad day has you feeling down, your car might tell you a joke to cheer you up, or if the traffic has you stressed, prepare for some automatic relaxing music to help keep you calm.

Your in-car AI is just five years away
By 2022, Ford predicts 90% of all new cars will offer voice recognition software. But this is just the beginning. Ford wants our cars to fully communicate with us, from answering simple questions, to letting us know when a shop has something we love in stock.

Oh, and who wouldn’t love a machine that reminds us of important birthdays and anniversaries, AND drives us to the shop to get a present?!

The future for cars
Dominic Watt, a Senior Lecturer in Linguistics at the University of York, explains that the humble car is on its way to becoming a full-on assistant.

He said: “Lots of people already love their cars, but with new in-car systems that learn and adapt, we can expect some seriously strong relationships to be formed.

“The car will soon be our assistant, travel companion and sympathetic ear, and you’ll be able to discuss everything and ask anything, to the point many of us might forget we’re even talking to a machine.”

An important disclaimer: this doesn’t exist yet, so it’s still a bit weird if you talk to your car.

Actually, who are we to judge? Do what makes you happy, or risk hearing a terrible car joke to cheer you up.

Are you excited about the prospect of your car knowing how you feel? Let us know!

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